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Recruiting Explorers

Recruit Explorer Scouts to help our at your group.

How to recruit Explorer Scouts

Young people of Explorer age are generally pretty savvy - they know what they want to get out of any after school activities they do. They want to have fun and enjoy themselves but probably also want to improve their CVs and their chances of getting into their first choice of uni or straight into the workforce.

We know that being part of Explorers can offer young people brilliant experiences and the skills they need for the future, we just need to get the message across.


  1. Make sure you’re using social media to showcase the amazing things your Explorers experience at Scouts. Word of mouth is amazing and a picture says a thousand words!

  2.  If young people express an interest in joining, get back to them quickly - don’t let people who want to join slip through your fingers!

  3. Start making connections with local schools and colleges. Can you ask your Youth Commissioner to help you to do this? You could present at a school assembly or talk to young people at lunchtime while getting them to have a go at a few short activities. Explorer age young people may not take flyers - try wristbands with QR codes. 
    Click here to access our School engagement tools

  4. You might want to point out that Scouts looks good on a CV and will improve their chances of getting jobs and into uni. Explain the types of skills they can gain at Scouts like leadership skills, the ability to work well in a team, time management skills, and problem-solving skills. Not to mention a boost in confidence!

  5. Choose an existing Explorer to be the ‘face’ of your Explorers. This person can look after new members, answer any questions they might have and make sure they’re settling in ok. Your Youth Commissioner may be able to help. 

  6. Create strong links with Scout sections in local Groups. Introduce the Scouts to local Explorers and organise some joint activities to build up the excitement as the Scouts are approaching moving up to Explorers. 

  7. Use the Quality Programme Checkers to check that your programme is top-notch. If your programme is fun and challenging, Explorers will keep coming back and they’ll tell their friends which is sure to boost numbers. 

We are working with Explorers and their leaders to find out the best ways to recruit more young people of that age. If you have any pearls of wisdom, please do get in touch!