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Bitesize volunteering

We’re proud and passionate about volunteers and staff working together to create the best volunteer experience.

An experience where volunteering is easy, fun and focusses on giving young people skills for life.

Our volunteers (you!) are amazing! We know that working together helps to improve the way we do things and makes sure we’re creating the things you need.

We need your help to:
• understand what you need for a great volunteer experience
• share what you love
• tell us what’s missing and what could be better
• test our systems

YES this is absolutely is for you! Whether you’ve volunteered for 1 day or 40+ years and whatever role you have, you’re voice matters.

Often we are looking to hear about people’s personal experience of volunteering or need volunteers to discuss ideas and test systems.
Sometimes we’ll reach out for people with specific skills, knowledge or with experience of a specific volunteer role.

Hearing a range of views and involving volunteers from different communities, helps us create and improve things for everyone.

Sometimes there’s prizes as an extra thank you for giving your time and sometimes there’s an opportunity for a sneak peek of our new resources!
Quite often you’ll get the opportunity to meet other volunteers from around the Country. This can lead to new friendships and build your network of people that might be able to help you.

You’ll learn or develop skills that you can put on your CV or share with your young people at your next section meeting.

There’s also the feeling of knowing you’ve truly lived you’re Scout values by sharing you’re knowledge and experience to help others.

There are lots of ways to get involved, depending on how much time and flexibility you have.

You could:

  • Join an online session to help us decide what we should create or review resources
  • Take part in a group discussion to share your knowledge and experience
  • Give feedback when suits you, through the testing hub
  • Join a system testing workshop

Some of these opportunities involve joining an ad hoc hours online session, others will involve a giving an amount of time over a few weeks or couple of months, either at specific times or when suits you.

Current bitesize volunteering

Feedback on the testing hub

Discover opportunities to share your views on a range of topics, at a time that suits you. 

Head to the Testing Hub >
Join the Volunteer Experience Group

Help make volunteering at Scouts easier, and even more fun and rewarding, by joining a community of volunteers who want to do the same!

Find out more about the Volunteer Experience Group >

Grab a cuppa and let us know what you think.

Discover opportunities to share your views on a range of topics, at a time that suits you. 

Head to the testing hub

Longer-term opportunities

If you're looking for a longer term opportunity or role, check out the national volunteer vacancies page

Join our national volunteer team

Volunteer local to you

Choose how you'd like to volunteer and make a difference locally.  

Share your details and someone locally will be in touch.