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The British Army

Our partnership with The British Army engages young people about Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) activities.

The British Army are sponsoring the Scout Mechanic Badge and hope to give Scouts an insight into the world of mechanics and technology.

Sharing their skills and knowledge, The British Army will encourage Scouts to take part and develop skills for life.

As well as sponsoring our Scout Mechanic Activity Badge, The British Army will provide you with:

  • A range of resources to support the badge
  • Invitations to Army related events
  • Group rates and special workshops delivered by The REME Museum


Badge and resources

As our sponsor for the Scout Mechanic Activity Badge, everyone between 10 ½ - 14 years old can now develop skills for life in the exciting STEM.

Keen to get stuck in? Download the activity pack:

Scout Mechanic Activity Badge Leaders Guide
PDF – 2.4MB


More activities:

Make Do Share Summer 2017 Under The Bonnet
PDF – 3.1MB
Make Do Share Spring 2018 The Fix It Quiz
PDF – 9.5MB
Make Do Share July 2018 Make A Piston Engine
PDF – 981.7KB
Make Do Share July 2018 Make A Piston Engine Step By Step Instructions
PDF – 273.6KB
Make Do Share April 2019 Road Testing Quiz
PDF – 587.4KB
Make Do Share April 2019 Road Testing Quiz Download
PDF – 59.3KB
Make Do Share July 2019 Meet An Engineer
PDF – 584.7KB

About The Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (REME)

The REME maintain, repair and manufacture equipment to keep the British Army vehicles and aircraft in working order. REME has an exciting set of eight trades: 

  • Armourer
  • Recovery Mechanic
  • Avionics Technician 
  • Electronics Technician 
  • Metalsmith
  • Vehicle Mechanic
  • Aircraft Technician 
  • Technical Support Specialist

The REME is proud to assist in the delivery of the Scouts Mechanics Badge. 

Find out more on the REME Homepage

The REME Museum displays the proud history of the Corps of the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers. 

About The British Army

The British Army protects the UK’s interests at home and abroad providing a safe and secure environment for British citizens.