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Scouts Water Activities Activity Badge


From scuba diving to water skiing, hit the water and indulge your passion, for a fantastic water activities experience.

Explorers Caving Activity Badge


You're underground with just your torch to guide you, traversing through this ancient paradise. There's nothing quite like caving. Before you attempt this badge you need to have made at least four trips underground, with a properly authorised party, to two different cave systems and kept a log. If you hold the Scout Caver Activity Badge you don’t need to complete these four trips.

Cubs Water Activities Activity Badge


Sail down a river. Ride a wave. Snorkel through the seven seas! If you’d like to feel more confident and comfortable in the water, this badge is for you.

Scouts Entertainer Activity Badge


Showcase your performing talent, accept a standing ovation and have fun mastering an original piece of entertainment.

Scouts Naturalist Activity Badge


Become a great Naturalist and play your part in preserving the natural world as a whole.

Scouts Camper Activity Badge


Get Up and have fun in the great outdoors. Forge new skills as you camp under canvas for at least 15 nights.

Scouts Writer Activity Badge


Develop the craft of storytelling through writing. Reach into your imagination and you could be the next Philip Pullman or Cressida Cowell.

Cubs Communicator Activity Badge


Whether you’re decoding a secret message, learning sign language or playing a game of Chinese whispers, this badge is all about getting your message across effectively.

Explorers Naturalist Activity Badge


The sound of birdsong, surrounded by trees, mud underfoot, it feels good to be in the wild. You should be aiming to work towards this badge over 6 to 12 months.

Scouts Forester Activity Badge


Discover how to manage and identify trees – and help preserve our woodland.

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