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Beavers Activity Plus Badge


Beaver Activity Plus Badge

Scouts Activity Plus Badge


Ready for your next challenge! If you have attained the highest level of any of the badges, the Activity Plus badge could be your next Everest.

Cubs Activity Plus Badge


If you’ve enjoyed completing an Activity Badge, taking it further can be just as rewarding as trying something new. Go above and beyond the requirements and become an expert at something you love.

Explorers Activity Plus Badge


Think you've gone as far as you can go? Think again. Take your greatest badge achievement to the highest level.

Chief Scout's Gold Award


Find out what challenge awards and activity badges you need to complete to earn the Chief Scout's Gold Award.

Scouts Scientist Activity Badge


Spark your curiosity and creativity with the Scientist activity badge. Have fun learning some valuable science-based skills.

Scouts Cyclist Activity Badge


Earn your Cyclist Activity Badge to make sure your cycling skills are top-knotch before your next cycling adventure.

Safety badges


Here’s the links to safety related activity badges for each section.

Mapping Youth Social Action across the Squirrels badges


Find examples of activities for youth social action that link with all the different parts of the Squirrels badge programme.

Explorers Creative Arts Activity Badge


Sing. Paint. Make. Whatever you create, let your imagination lead the way.

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