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Blogs | 9th September 2019

Wildest dreams

We head into the forest with Scout Adventurer and wild camping expert Phoebe Smith, to learn why getting a good night’s sleep should be your next big adventure.

Blogs | 23rd August 2019

10 ways to deal with stress this summer

It’s supposed to be a chance to relax, but summer can often be a stressful time. Travel arrangements, changes to routine, family dynamics, and, of course, the impending exam results day all take their toll. To help you come out the other side of summer smiling, we’ve put together a list of 10 small things that might help you beat stress.

Blogs | 14th August 2019

My digital work: an interview with Gareth Jones

Interview with Gareth Jones on his volunteering in Digital Transformation.

Blogs | 29th July 2019

Our first firebreak

Outcomes of the Scouts first firebreak in the digital transformation team.

Blogs | 22nd July 2019

Designing the beta website

Interview with Alex Pereira on how the Scouts designed their new website.

Blogs | 16th July 2019

Planning a 'firebreak' – beta website development

Scouts digital transformation team using firebreaks during development cycles