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Volunteering at Scouts is changing to help us reach more young people

Volunteering is changing to help us reach more young people

Volunteering is changing at Scouts. Read more

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Blog | 29 January 2024

How to use The Big Help Out to grow your group


The Big Help Out is back. And this time it runs for three whole days from 7-9 June 2024. It’s a huge nationwide campaign to inspire people to get their first taste of volunteering, lend a hand and make a change. Here are just some ideas how you can use it to attract more volunteers to Scouts.

Last year The Big Help Out inspired a staggering 7.2 million to volunteer in their local communities. It was the biggest mobilisation of volunteers since the London 2012 Olympics. Everyone from food banks, sports clubs, Scout groups and even the Royal Family got involved.

Who could forget those pictures of our Joint President HRH The Princess of Wales and her family rolling up their sleeves to renovate a Scout meeting place in Slough? They did a brilliant job.

The Big Help Out was an instant success. Over 35,000 voluntary organisations and 2,000 businesses took part. Most importantly 70% of those who tried volunteering said they’re more likely to volunteer in the future. But how can you get involved in The Big Help Out 2024?  

The Big Help Out save the date graphic

How to use the Big Help Out to grow your group

1. Save the date

Scribble The Big Help Out across three pages of your diary from 7-9 June (go on, do it now while you’re thinking about it). There’s even a Save the Date toolkit.  The date’s been chosen so The Big Help Out sits inside Volunteers’ Week. Someone’s thought that through.

2. Take a look at our Big Help Out pages 

You’ll find some helpful background and resources on our Big Help Out webpage. Fix yourself a cup of tea, have a read and get up to speed.

3. Register your interest

If you’re feeling suitably inspired, you can sign up now to receive updates, tools and resources to support your involvement in The Big Help Out 2024.

4. Spread the word

Start chatting with your team about how you might be able to use The Big Help Out as a hook to attract new volunteers. They’ll be lots of national media about this so people will already be talking about it. How can you capitalise on this?

5. Repurpose an existing event

Are you already planning a camp, BBQ or activity day on 7-9 June?  If so, why not invite potential new volunteers along to these – they’re perfect moments to give people a taste of what we do. If they enjoy themselves, why not talk to them about a longer term volunteering opportunity?

6. Plan a Big Help Out event

If you have time, you could think about staging something specifically for this weekend. It could be anything from a family fun day, a community clean up or even an activity taster session in the town centre. Here’s some advice on planning an event.

7. Upload your details on the Big Help Out app

One of the best things about the Big Help Out is the app. Tens of thousands of people downloaded it last year to help them find volunteering opportunities near them. From February, you’ll be able to upload your group’s details and volunteering opportunities on the platform at

8. Use The Big Help Out social assets to run your own recruitment campaign

The Big Help Out brand (designed by Saatchi’s no less) is being seen far and wide. Why not use some of the great images, social media posts and videos to run your own social media campaign? You could post an image, then add your own call to action to volunteer at your Scout group.

9. Ride the wave

They’ll be plenty of media activity around The Big Help Out in the run-up to the weekend itself. If you see it on TV, then do a call-out for volunteers on social media. People will be thinking of volunteering and you’ll be ready to help them out.   

10. Make your pledge

Individuals, charities and organisations thinking of getting involved in The Big Help Out 2024 are being invited to make their volunteering pledge. You’ll find assets to share on social media on The Big Help Out website from 30 January.

Thank you

We hope that’s given you some food for thought and that you and your team will be part of this amazing event. It’s three amazing days to inspire the volunteers of tomorrow. But let’s not forget the volunteers of today, either. Thanks for everything you do.

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