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Stories | 9th September 2021

How Portsmouth’s reached new communities with Squirrel Scouts

Read about how Portsmouth's reached new communities with Squirrels.

News | 9th September 2021

Announcing Squirrels for 4–5 year olds: inspiring a new generation with skills for life

Our first new age range in Scouts for 35 years.

News | 9th September 2021

Our Squirrels Supporters

If you’re a funder, policy maker or youth organisation and can help us bring non-formal education to communities, then get in touch!

Stories | 7th September 2021

Top tips for recruiting volunteers

Groups in Hampshire have recently had great success in recruiting new volunteers. We found out what they've been up to.

Updates | 1st September 2021

Reunion 2021 – Saturday 4 September

Join our online annual get-together for all volunteers on Saturday 4 September.