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Update | 12 February 2021

WATCH - All member online meeting - February 2021


Watch a recording of the last All member online meeting delivered on 11 February 2021.

In this webinar we provided updates on our four key priority areas: delivering the programme, recruiting and motivating volunteers, keeping everyone safe, and funding Scouts.

We gave guidance on local funding opportunities you can apply for, discussed how to recruit volunteers, provided an update on online programme delivery and shared updates on our work to keep members safe.

In the meeting we shared a graph modelling the emotional response to disasters. You can find a version of the graph and some narrative around it specifically to COVID-19 in this blog.

The graph specifically is adapted from Zunin & Myers as cited in DeWolfe, D. J., 2000. “Training manual for mental health and human service workers in major disasters."

Want to see the rest of our videos and webinars?

We've held a fair few webinars and recorded lots of videos over the last few months to support each other in rapidly changing circumstances. Head over to our Vimeo showcase where you'll find them all in once place.

Head over to Vimeo
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