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Update | 02 October 2020

WATCH - Understanding the changes being made to training

Webinar | Delivered 1 October 2020

Keeping young people and adults safe in Scouting is everyone's responsibility. Making sure that everyone has the right (and most up to date) training, support and guidance to help them is really important.

We’ve made a number of changes to our training, and in POR, which help make sure that all members feel confident to keep both young people and adults in Scouts safe. Find out the details by watching the recording of this webinar. 

You can also read more detail in the learning and training section of our website

Want to see the rest of our videos and webinars?

We've held a fair few webinars and recorded lots of videos over the last few months to support each other in rapidly changing circumstances. Head over to our Vimeo showcase where you'll find them all in once place.

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