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Blog | 01 June 2020

Another three amazing things you’re doing during lockdown

Graeme Hamilton, Deputy UK Chief Commissioner

Did our post on 3 amazing things you’re doing during lockdown fill you with inspiration? Did our 3 more amazing things you’re doing during lockdown give you even more ideas? Get ready to have your socks blown off, because we’ve got even more methods for delivering Scouts at home for you. These activities are suitable for anyone to participate in and enjoy.


1. Hogwarts escape room

A Harry Potter movie marathon could definitely be one of the best ways to spend a weekend during lockdown, but the wizards over at the 16th Wyre Forest (St Michaels) & 6th Colwyn Bay Scout Troops have come up with a new and exciting way to visit our favourite wizarding world.

Putting a magical twist on a classic escape room, local leader Mark Atkinson created a Hogwarts themed virtual escape room for the group to take part in during their online section meeting.

Not only was this a hit with his Group, but he’s now opened it up for everyone else to enjoy. The escape room has had a total of 2,666 participants from all over the world.

‘I just wanted to say what a brilliant game the Hogwarts Escape was. I played it this morning and really enjoyed it. You have done so much hard work to make Scouts happen. The kids really need this at the moment. Big well done to you’ – Mum of Sonny, aged 13

If this sounds like something your Group might be interested in, find out more information here.

 2. Home Adventure Challenge

The Home Adventure Challenge has been created by South London Scouts, as a way to take part in lots of activities and earn a new and exciting badge. The challenge is made up of 30 zones and each zone has a list of activities or challenges to take part in. Originally aimed at Scouts in the South London area, this challenge is now open for everyone. If you’d like to take part, find out more information here.

‘South London Scouts have done a fantastic job engaging all our young people with activities that can be done at home. Saffron has spent every weekend completing challenges towards her Home Adventure Challenges Awards and has loved every minute. It clearly doesn’t replace meeting her friends, but it’s been a huge help. Thanks guys, you really have delivered a superb resource for young people across South London!’ – Dad of Saffron, aged 7

3. The ‘BIGG’ challenge

What better way to cure any lockdown boredom than to take part in 19 different challenges? Origami, football juggling and creating your very own family tree are just some of the activities shared by Biggleswade Scouts and their leader, Lucy Cox. If you’re struggling for some activity ideas, or are looking to try something that you haven’t tried yet, then you can take a look at all 19 challenges here.

‘We all thought it was really good – there are great ideas for getting the Beavers involved at home. When we return to our meetings, these ideas will be very helpful in our planning our programme. Thank you for everyone involved. It was a brilliantly clear video and challenge pack.” – Kelly, Beaver Leader

There’s nothing we like more than hearing from you about how you’re delivering Scouts at home, so if your Group’s been doing something exciting, please do let us know. You can tell us all about the brilliant things you’re doing here.

Thank you – from all of us – for everything you’re doing so young people can keep gaining skills for life.

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