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Blog | 14 May 2019

What Scouts pack

Creative direction: Aimee-lee Abraham | Pictures: Andre Pattenden | Stylist: Lou Foley

From favourite snacks to comfort blankets, Scouts take all sorts of things on camp. We meet a Beaver, a Cub, a Scout, an Explorer and a Scout Ambassador to find out what they can’t be without when they’re spending nights away

Dylan, a Beaver Scout, with all of his favourite things he takes on camp


Moo Moo is my favourite thing. Mummy gave him to me when I was little. If I was going to Mars, I’d take my Batman toy, because he turns into a robot. I haven’t been on camp yet but I’m going on my first one this year. It’s a bit scary but taking Moo Moo with me will help.’

Dylan, 7, 1st Crockerne – Pill Creek Beavers

Lily, a cub scout, with all of her favourite things she takes on camp


‘The favourite thing I pack is my bunny. His name is Bunny. I take him everywhere, he makes me feel at home. If I could only take one thing it would be Bunny. I’ve been on camp two times, my favourite was when we were roasting marshmallows. I’m going on another camp this year. We’re going tunnelling through lots of mud and puddles.’

Lily, 9, 227th Bristol Kestrels Cubs


Ivie, a scout, with all of his favourite things he takes on camp


Out of all the things, my favourite is the cookies. The backpack is probably the most useful thing. If I was going to a desert island, I would take food and water, and if there was space I’d also take The Hobbit to read. My best camp memory is getting up on a sunny morning and cooking breakfast.’

Ivie, 13, 227th Bristol Polar Bears Scouts



Thea, an Explorer scout, with all of her favourite things she takes on camp


I’m packing for the World Scout Jamboree. I’m most looking forward to the zip lines – they’re some of the longest in the world. My favourite thing is the photo of me and my friend Beth. It reminds me of good times on camps. And I pack veggie marshmallows for a midnight snack.’

Thea, 15, Swindon Old Town Explorer Scout Unit




Dwayne Fields, a Scout Ambassador, with all of his favourite things he likes to take on camp

I always take my huge red sleeping bag, it can cope with temperatures as cold as -50°C. I’ve got a massive sweet tooth so I’ve always got loads of snacks accessible in the top of my bag. Actually, could I have some of those M&M’s...?’

Dwayne Fields, Scout Ambassador and Antarctic explorer





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