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Volunteering at Scouts is changing to help us reach more young people

Volunteering is changing to help us reach more young people

Volunteering is changing at Scouts. Read more

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Who attends?

Who attends?

Lots of amazing people are invited to the Day of Celebration and Achievement to recognise their Scouts achievements.

Queen's Scout Award Holders and King's Scout Award Holders

The Queen's Scout Award and King's Scout Award are our highest youth programme award. Everyone who's recently achieved their award is invited and they'll form the event Parade. Queen's Scouts and King's Scouts can bring up to two guests with them to watch the Parade in the Quadrangle.

Queen's Scouts and King's Scouts with additional needs can bring a carer with them, as well as, two guests.

Gallantry and Meritorious Conduct Award Holders

These awards holders are recognised for their courage, endurance, initiative or dedication to Scouts, often through difficulties situations or with elements of risk.

Young people and adults who received their awards in the previous calendar year are invited to watch the review from a special enclosure in the Quadrangle. Several will be introduced to the reviewing officer and the Chief Scout.

Once the review has taken place, they'll join the back of the Parade. Then, they'll exit the Castle and make their way to a special reception in the Castle Hotel, 18 High St, Windsor SL4 1ER. The hotel is a short walk from Windsor Castle.

Adult Award Holders

Adults recognised for their contribution to Scouts by a Silver Wolf and Bar to Silver Acorn award in the previous calendar year are invited to attend.

Award holders can attend the Mattins service in St George's Chapel. Then, in the afternoon they can access to the Quadrangle with a guest to watch the Parade and review.

Lower Ward Spectators

All member of Scouts are invited to apply for tickets for this distinguished day. Members can watch the Parade as it moved from the Quadrangle down to the Lower Ward and into St George's Chapel.

After the Parade has passed, they can take part in the National Scout Service as it's relayed over the PA system to the crowds outside. After the service, they can watch the Parade march out of Windsor Castle as the Queen's Scouts and King's Scouts make their way back to Mews Road.

Please note that we cannot offer these tickets out every year as it is dependent on the parade size. 

This category of tickets is not available in 2024. 

Association Guests

Since it's our biggest annual national event, a number of Scouts guests are invited to join in the celebrations. This includes Scout Ambassadors and other supports of Scouts. 

Scout Bands

Each year, two Scout bands are selected to take part in the Parade. Those interested should reach out to the National Performing Arts SASU.

Take Centre Stage

Each year we run a selection process for Queen's Scouts and King's Scouts to form our Colour Party, Service Planning and Delivery Team and to become Section Leaders. Applications for the following year will open on Parade Weekend.


Are you interested in attending? Find out more about how to take part.