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Activities for everyone

Adventure means different things to different people. 

History would have you believe adventure lies only in epic journeys and mighty sacrifices, but we disagree. Because, for Scouts, real adventure doesn’t have to be showy. It doesn’t have to gloat. It doesn’t have to boast. Instead, more often than not, real adventure starts small and thinks big. It happens slowly but surely. Step by step and brick by brick.

It happens every time a group of ordinary people decide to show up at their meeting place every week to build something extraordinary together. Which, for most of us Scouts, is every Tuesday at 6pm sharpish. 

Regardless of who you are - whatever your physical ability - there’s an adventure out there waiting for you. And we’ll help you find it.  

Discover your ‘thing’: from abseiling to coding to performance art - or whatever takes your fancy, from our exciting selection of activities 


Finn's story

"I loved doing the archery!"