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Activities that are good for everyone

We’ve put together some activities that are designed to help young people develop skills, boost their wellbeing, and connect with others. With activities and adventures like these, it’s no surprise that Scouts has been shown to be good for young people. But did you know that it’s good for volunteers too 

Volunteer with Scouts

When people like you play their part, it changes young people’s lives. But volunteering’s also about doing something that’s good for your health and happiness, good for developing skills, and good for making friends.  

Find out about how volunteering could be #GoodForYou
Hybrid heroes

Share your own stories, then draw heroes and act out their adventures. 

Suitable for: 8-14s | Takes: 1hr

Hybrid heroes >
The pasta-bilities are endless

Make your own pasta, shape it like a pro, then tuck in with your family.

Suitable for: 8-18s | Takes: 1hr

The pasta-bilities are endless >
Living art

Use nature to create a poster of the animals and plants you see on your walks.

Suitable for: 6-10s | Takes: 1hr

Living art >
Express yourself

Practise being yourself and expressing your feelings with a fun game.

Suitable for: 6-14s | Takes: 10 mins 

Express yourself >
Where in the world?

Explore the advantages and challenges of things being made far away.

Suitable for: 6-10s | Takes: 40 mins

Where in the world? >
Veggie bakes

Use vegetables in some of your favourite bakes to add in an extra hit of healthy.

Suitable for: 10-18s | Takes: 1h30

Veggie bakes >
Art apart

Can you follow your partner’s instructions to recreate their work of art?

Suitable for: 6-10s | Takes: 15 mins

Art apart >
A-maze-ing marble mazes

Work together to make a maze, then guide a marble through it.

Suitable for: 6-10s | Takes: 25 mins

A-maze-ing marble mazes >
In the groove

Can you create a dance routine that has everyone’s favourite moves in?

Suitable for: 6-14s | Takes: 10 mins

In the groove >
Your jumper’s journey

See how your clothes go from field to factory to fashion. 

Suitable for: 10-18s | Takes: 45 mins

Your jumper’s journey >
Animal mirror

Stretch like an animal to calm down and relax, with Animal mirror.

Suitable for: 6-14s | Takes: 10 mins

Animal mirror >
False adverstising

Some adverts support gender equality, but others could do more. What would you change?

Suitable for: 10-18s | Takes: 15 mins

False advertising >
While out walking

Make your hikes even more exciting by completing these challenges. 

Suitable for: 6-10s | Takes: 3hrs

While out walking >
Breathe like Buddha

Try and breathe like the Buddha with this basic meditation technique.

Suitable for: 8-18s | Takes: 20 mins

Breathe like Buddha >
Mindfulness walk

Head outside, take a deep breath, and pay attention to the moment. 

Suitable for: 6-18s | Takes: 1hr

Mindfulness walk >
Time for tea

Spend some quali-tea time together with this GongFu guide. 

Suitable for: 10-18s | Takes: 1hr

Time for tea >
Groovy smoothies

Set your taste buds moving and grooving as we craft delicious healthy smoothies.

Suitable for: 6-10s | Takes: 50 mins

Groovy smoothies >
Stash the cache

Give others the gift of adventure by preparing and hiding your own secret treasure. 

Suitable for: 10-18s | Takes: 30 mins

Stash the cache >