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Raising a concern

If you need to raise a concern please read our guidance on ensuring a concern is approached using the most appropriate policy.

Scout Values

The Scouts recognises its responsibility to deal fairly, constructively and consistently with expressions of concern or dissatisfaction from members and non-members including parents and carers on behalf of themselves or their children in line with its values.

As Scouts we are guided by the values of Integrity, Respect, Care, Belief and Co-operation. When applying this policy these values should be at the forefront of every interaction and decision that is made, and all involved should be regularly reminded of them.

Focusing on the values of Respect and Care, the wellbeing and mental health of all involved when dealing with an expression of concern or dissatisfaction should be considered throughout. Read the guidance on Supporting the Wellbeing and Mental Health when a concern is raised.

September 2020


If you have a safeguarding concern it should be dealt with in accordance with the Safeguarding Policy and reported to the Safeguarding team. 

Report a concern to Safeguarding

Informal Resolution

Many complainants do not want to enter a formal complaints procedure. They simply want to have their questions answered, their concerns dealt with, or their opinion noted. Informal resolution may be as simple as the complainant having a conversation with the local volunteer manager before making a formal complaint to discuss how a concern raised can be resolved. 

If a complainant feels it's appropriate, they may be willing to meet with the individual they are raising a concern against with the support of a local volunteer to see if an amicable solution can be found.

Local, informed resolution should always be attempted before engaging the formal complaints policy.

If you wish to raise a formal complaint please do so in writing using the Complaints Template.


If you want to express a concern or dissatisfaction with Scouting locally then it should be dealt with in accordance with The Scouts’ Complaints Policy.

Read more about making a complaint about Scouting


If you want to raise a concern about potential wrongdoing which is in the public interest, then these disclosures should be dealt with in accordance with the Whistleblowing Policy.​ The Whistleblowing policy is part of our duty of care, providing guidance, support and advice to adults in Scouting who wish to raise a concern about a potential breach of our standards or conduct, which is in the public interest.​

Raise your concern about potential wrongdoing

Raising a formal complaint about Scouts HQ

Please use this form to submit your formal complaint or feedback about The Scout Association Headquarters. Your complaint will be overseen by the relevant team in Gilwell Park. If your complaint relates to a local scouting group/ adult member, please raise your complaint with the appropriate line manager within the local scouting line management structure in accordance with the complaints policy.

Submit your complaint/feedback about Scouts Headquarters