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We want to make sure our volunteers feel valued foreverythingthat they do and most of all, we want them to enjoy their experience at Scouts.    

We know we need to recruit and retain more volunteers if we want to keep growing and provide more young people with skills for life.However, there needs to bemoresupport in place to make sure there’s a great local welcome, with a smooth, integrated learning experienceand good ongoing support.     

Volunteer actions

  • Join our Volunteer Experience Group to get involved with testing and be one of the first to hear about new updates 
  • Make sure you’re up to date with your existing training requirements, especially safety, safeguarding and first aid 

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Our focus  

How we volunteer  

Throughout2019and2020, we spoketo lots of people (more than 5,000), both inside and outsideofScouts tounderstand what we need to do to improve the volunteering experience.    

Based on what we learned, we’ve produced a new vision for how we volunteer to make it easier, more rewarding and more fun.   

Ultimately, we want to make sure:  

  • Every volunteer is welcomed  
  • Every volunteer is supported  
  • Every volunteer is valued  
  • Every volunteergainsskills (andhas fun!)  
  • Every volunteer matters    

We were due to communicateourvision with members in March 2020. However, due to COVID-19, this project was paused until September 2020. In the meantime, we’ve been working on how we can make this vision possible. 

We need to createa modernandfit-for-purpose volunteering culture with skills for life at the core (thats volunteer-centric too).Were working on volunteer culture guidance to increase accountability and transparency, outlining Scouts commitment to volunteers anda volunteers commitment to Scouts.The aim is for the guidance toreflect the key improvements to the volunteering experience. 

Attracting, recruiting and retaining volunteers  

  • We’re looking into how we canmake our websiteclearer and more useful for potential and existing volunteers
  • We’rerunning a national recruitment campaign (#GoodForYou) 
  • We’re improving our local processes and the digital systems that support them, to transform recruitment and joining in the long term – creating a more inclusive and accessible experience
  • We’re changing the principles of volunteer roles at Scouts,making them more task and team focused with clearer links to supporting the delivery of programme.

Transforming adult training  

  • We’re revising the essential learningandmaking plans to improve the full learning experience.  
  • We knowour training needs to be flexible, accessible, focused on programme delivery, and easy to operate, deliver and record.
  • We also need to offer a ‘blended learning’ approach, so it’s digital first but includes workshops and ‘on the job’ learning too.  
  • We’ll testa new five-step approach to section leader training to make sure itll work on the ground.  

To make all of the changes possible, we need better digital tools and resources. Were looking into how we make theday to daymanagement of Scouts easier and more efficient, with a new digital learning system and new tools for adult membership management. 

What's next?