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Digital transformation

Our digital strategy supports our members, grows the movement and puts our people at the heart of what we do

Making Scouts digital first

Being digital first isn’t about being digital only, and it’s not about being digital for the sake of it.

Most importantly, being digital isn’t just about technology – the transformation comes from a combination of changes to people, processes and technology, working together in a different way.

Our digital strategy supports our members, grows our movement, and puts our people at the heart of what we do.

Becoming a digital first organisation allows us to transform the Scouts experience. It helps us produce tools and services for our volunteers, staff and young people which are easy, enjoyable and empowering.

Digital is here to make a difference. It enables what we do.

Our 8 digital principles

We’re building our digital principles into the foundations of how we do things, defining the road ahead.

1. We put people at the heart of everything we do
2. We are bold and open to change
3. We create digital-first, responsive and accessible services
4. We use data and insight to drive our decisions
5. We measure, test and learn
6. We engage, collaborate and partner
7. We provide safe and secure services
8. Our systems are flexible, sustainable and interoperable

What we've achieved so far

There’s been mountains of progress since we started this programme in 2018.

We’ve launched a completely new website, delivered huge online events, used digital tools to help volunteers continue to deliver Scouting throughout the pandemic, used new digital ways of working to transform some of our teams, and much more.

Of course, COVID-19 made this transformation even faster.

  • Our volunteers have spent more than 214 million minutes delivering Scouts on Zoom through our award winning partnership.
  • We’ve raised over £670,000 through innovative digital fundraising campaigns.
  • Our return to Scouting web pages received 1.2 million views and counting.
  • We’ve begun our transformation of how new volunteers can join us through our new recruitment pages 

What’s next for 2022 and 2023?

Moving forward, we’re aiming for improved digital processes to become the norm as we continue our shift towards being digital first.

We’re developing the core technology systems that’ll underpin everything: the membership system, the learning experience system, digital tools to help with volunteer recruitment, and tools to deliver our programme. Meanwhile, we’re upgrading the legacy technology that underpins make our systems work. All of our work is underpinned by our digital principles, ensuring that we listen to our users’ needs, we use data and insights to inform our decisions and we measure test and learn along the way.

In 2022, our focus is working on the delivery of our core new systems – making sure that our people are armed with the digital skills to feel confident using them.

Alongside this, we want to embed a digital culture change across our teams, which is essential for real transformation.

By 2023, we want our amazing local volunteers to have improved access to training, to feel rewarded and motivated, and to have a reduced administrative burden (i.e. less paperwork!) through using the new systems that we roll out to all our volunteers across the UK.

Volunteer line managers should be able to access better data to make training, recruitment and retention easier, and to help identify trends.

This means we can easily and quickly make changes to help Scouts adapt to the future.

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