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National Board of Trustees

The Board manages the business of The Scout Association in accordance with the Royal Charter and the Bye-laws of the Association. It's the Association's national decision making body. Its members are the Trustees of the Association.

Role of the Board of Trustees

  • The Board shapes and approves the strategy of The Scout Association, makes sure that we are taking action to achieve that strategy and ensures that the Association is meeting its legal and financial obligations. It is the Association's national decision-making body.
  • The Trustees must act in the best interests of the Association as a whole (even if they are elected by a particular electoral college). They delegate authority for day to day activities to appropriate volunteers and staff.
  • The Board meets four times a year. In addition, Trustees are expected to attend the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and are usually expected to sit on at least one of the Committees which reports into the Board: these meet from 2 – 4 times a year.
  • The Trustee role description can be found on our website. Trustees are volunteers and are not paid – although they can claim reimbursement for expenses, in accordance with our Expenses Policy. We give all new Trustees a full induction to the role, along with an allocated mentor for their first year, and all Trustees take part in development sessions before each Board meeting.
  • Being a Trustee can be rewarding and enjoyable and is a great way to influence Scouting.

Terms of References

More information

For more information about being a trustee generally, the Charity Commission’s 'The essential Trustee' is a good start. And of course, if you have any questions about the Trustee role or the election process, please contact the Governance Team. 

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