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Help others

Bringing communities together

Playing your part starts in the village hall.

For 3rd Kenton, it starts when you rally to save the local library from closure, and declare victory for the community.

For 1st Healing, it starts when you deliver gift bags to women at Grimsby refuge, stuffed to the brim with home comforts and hope.

We want to empower more young people to take a stand. To raise their voices and stand tall, closing the gaps between people and generations. Most importantly, we want to gift them with the confidence and skills they need to recognise their ability and go out in the world blazing a trail.


A Million Hands

A Million Hands gives all Scouts a chance to help make their community a better place.



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Wellbeing Champions

Help us tear down the taboo surrounding mental health by becoming a Wellbeing Champion today. 

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Our previous actions

Find out more about the previous campaigns and actions Scouts have taken to help leave the world a little better than we found it.

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Darah's Story

On 22 May 2017, Dr Darah Burke found himself caught up in the terror attack at the Manchester Arena, along with his family. Here, he talks about how being a Scout prepared him to act in an emergency, and ultimately helped him to heal in the months that followed.

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