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Volunteering at Scouts is changing to help us reach more young people

Volunteering is changing to help us reach more young people

Volunteering is changing at Scouts. Read more

Discover what this means

Training Teams

Discover what the changes will mean for Training Teams

This information should support what is being shared in local briefings and meetings with your local Transformation Leads and leadership teams. Work with your Transformation Leads to plan how and when you will make these changes locally.

Why we're moving from training to learning

We want to thank all our volunteers who have been in Training Teams and supported thousands of volunteers at Scouts. However, we know we need to adapt how volunteers learn to make it easier and more accessible to gain the skills and knowledge they need to support young people.

We're moving from the Adult Training Scheme to our new way of delivering and managing learning.

You can see more about why we’re changing the way we volunteer at Our fresh approach to volunteering.

What this means for volunteers in Training Teams 

There'll be lots of opportunities within the new structure. If you’re looking to continue using the skills you’ve used in a training role, you could join the new Volunteering Development Teams. Here are some of the things they will be doing:   

  1. Help volunteers find and access the learning they need
  2. Deliver great learning experiences to our volunteers – in-person, virtually or otherwise
  3. Set up or coordinate workshops, training sessions or other ways for our volunteers to learn and develop
  4. Help volunteers get recognised for learning based on prior learning and experience in our systems
  5. Help volunteers achieve their Wood Badge  

You can see more about the new teams at Team descriptions. 

What you can do now

Please talk with your relevant Lead Volunteer about what teams, tasks or roles would be right for you.   

Not everything will change when the new digital systems go live. First Aid will stay mostly the same as it is. And we’ll still need to continue to deliver things like the Manager & Supporter Training, several of the current modules and a version of the current Wood Badge for another year or two before those are replaced – and then that content will need to be delivered instead!

While the changes to how we manage and deliver learning are not happening yet, it’s worth considering what you'd like to do when they do happen. Scouts relies on committed and passionate volunteers to make things happen.

And so, if helping volunteers learn and develop is something you enjoy, it will still be part of what we do. It will not look the same and it will not be done through the current training roles, but it will be integral to our new teams. If you are currently in a training role and you are interested in similar or entirely new tasks, we’d love for you to stay with us.

Finding the right team

Check out our tool to help find the right team for you

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Our fresh approach to volunteering

We're making changes to how we volunteer together

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