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Talking to young people and parents about safety

FS120338 (Published July 2021)

Why is safety important ?

Keeping everyone safe in scouting is everyone’s responsibility, creating a culture of safety within Scouts will help to do this, We do this by making safety part of everything we do and not just when we think something is high risk.  Being safe is a fundamental skill for life for everyone.

Why do we do it?

Nobody wants anyone, their friends or others to get hurt.  Neither do they want their things to get damaged. We focus on working together with all involved in an activity, reflecting our Scout values, particularly Care and Co-operation. The trust and expectation of young people and their families and carers is that Scouts is seen as a safe place to develop and have fun.

How do we go about it?

It’s not about spoiling people’s fun but about adapting what we do to control any risks to ensure that all involved enjoy their adventure.

Not considering those risks could lead to people being harmed and it’s important to help all involved, young people or adults, to understand risks and what to do to avoid and manage the risk.  

What do we include?

Everyone can contribute to managing risk. Adults will bring experience based on maturity but young people also add to the understanding by including their expectations of the activity to be considered in the way it is run.

Talk out loud to other leaders and young people your planning, this helps in sharing knowledge and building young people’s future life skills, talk through who is involved, what they will be doing, where they do it, what training or instruction they need and what equipment they should have.