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Pioneering Guidance

Guidance on the safe construction of pioneering activities.


(FS315056) (published October 2019 replacing June 2019)

Pioneering is deeply seated in Scouting tradition and involves the process of designing and constructing equipment for practical uses from bridges to swings. Pioneering is often used to build camp gateways as well as functional objects such as tables and benches.

It is good for learning practical skills as well as developing teamwork and problem solving skills.

People should be made aware of the risks involved with the activity and understand the necessary safety precautions in place to reduce them. This simple guide to assessing and controlling risk will help you and has a handy template to record it.

What to make? There are many good pioneering ideas with helpful, clear, step by step instructions on the internet. They range from full sized structures to models made from spaghetti.

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