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How to use a meth burning stove safely

Easy steps to staying safe. Vital information for those planning lightweight camping and expeditions. This can easily be used to help train and prepare the young people in your care.


(Published April 2022. replacing May 2020)

Methylated spirit burning stoves (such as Trangia) are a very good stove especially for the young or inexperienced camper or backpacker. It is one of the most stable and safe stoves to use. However, like all stoves, these stoves need to be treated with respect and all users should be trained to a good level of familiarity, competence and understanding of safety.

Remember to carry out a risk assessment to share with all involved which takes into account the particular conditions and circumstances under which it will be used.  Never use stoves within a sleeping tent.

Gas adapted meths stoves

Some ‘Trangia’ stoves are adapted to use gas. Again, due care should be taken to follow basic safety rules. In addition, great care must be taken to make sure that the gas bottle is connected tightly to the hose and should never be disconnected whilst the stove is lit. When using the gas version, the gas container should be lower than the level of the burner.

Nothing can replace common sense, basic safety sense and familiarity with using the stove through practice in controlled conditions before using on an expedition.

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