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Volunteering at Scouts is changing to help us reach more young people

Volunteering is changing to help us reach more young people

Volunteering is changing at Scouts. Read more

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Worked Scenarios

Scenarios of the Designated Carer and Nominated Person roles in practice

Scenario 1: Designated Carer - Niall's plan

Niall is a Scout. They carry a colostomy bag that needs changing 1 to 2 times a day. This means that Niall needs intimate care when joining full day and nights away activities.  

After having a conversation, Niall, their mum Rhiann, and their Section Leader have agreed that Rhiann will support Niall's intimate care. As Rhiann already provides care for Niall outside of Scouts, she will be a Designated Carer.

The three of them have agreed that: 

  • On full day activities up to 2 hours away from where they live, Niall’s mum will come along to provide the care. The leaders will ensure time is planned for this and that there are suitable facilities.
  • For events further away, Niall, Rhiann and the leaders will discuss whether this is possible or make alternative arrangements. 
  • During Nights Away activities, Rhiann will attend for one day to support Niall to empty the colostomy bag. This will take about one hour. Rhiann will only stay for this period.

Scenario 2: Nominated Person - Alex's plan

Alex is a Beaver and sometimes struggles to remember to go to and how to use the toilet. Alex doesn't need intimate care, as they can use the toilet independently. However, Alex finds it difficult to take off their trousers and put them back on.

Connor and Dani are Alex's Section Leaders and have professional experience in supporting young people with their personal care. Connor is a SEN Teaching Assistant and Dani is a Clinical Psychologist. After having a conversation, Alex, their parents, Connor and Dani have agreed that both leaders will be Alex’s Nominated Person.

During regular weekly meetings they have agreed that:

  • At drop-off, Alex’s Dad will tell Connor or Dani if it’s been a while since Alex has been to the toilet. Connor and Dani will ask Alex if they need to go to the toilet halfway through the session, as a reminder.
  • When Alex goes to the toilet, Connor or Dani will help with dressing and undressing when needed and, from outside the cubical, will give verbal reminders of the different steps Alex needs to follow.


Individual Support Planning

This guidance provides more information on how to make reasonable adjustments in your section. It includes annotated, example plans and worked scenarios for creating an Individual Support Plan.

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