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International crises

Activities and resource to help you respond to, and learn about, international crises.

If a crisis is happening overseas, Scouts in the UK want to help. Every year multiple events happen around the globe that make the news and can impact the lives of young people.

With thanks to Save the Children and British Red Cross, we’ve put together some resources to help you address this topic with your groups and suggested some things you can do to help.

The United Nations can provide more information about refugees and to learn about World Refugee Day, which is on 20 June each year .

Support for volunteers

Resources to support young people and address any concerns.

Use these resources >
Activities for groups

Learn about international crises and make a difference.

Run these activities >

We want to hear from you

We know Scouts across the nation will be taking action to educate and support members. You may also be taking actions to support refugees and those struggling in crises.

Let us know what you've been doing