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Volunteering at Scouts is changing to help us reach more young people

Volunteering is changing to help us reach more young people

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Recognition of RYA Training Centres


(Published January 2015, last reviewed 2021 with no updates)


This page details the arrangements for becoming an RYA Recognised Training Centre, a centre whom have the permission of the RYA to run courses and to issue RYA Certificates. These arrangements apply to all RYA courses.

Any grouping within The Scout Association (e.g. Activity Centre, Scout Active Support Unit, Scout Group etc.) may apply for approval. Before applying a Principal and/or Chief Instructor with the necessary qualification should be nominated to run the centre. The Principal may be an Administrator with no technical knowledge, in which case a Chief Instructor will be needed. In other cases the Chief Instructor may act as the Principal. The Chief Instructor must be fully aware of the details in the particular scheme or schemes it is intended to offer. Details are contained in the appropriate publications obtainable from RYA (Publications), RYA House, Ensign Way, Hamble, Southampton SO31 4YA.

Headquarters is very pleased to offer help and advice in respect of gaining, this approval and doubtful applicants are advised to contact the Scout Support Centre on


(a) The application form is available from the Headquarters; once completed the form must be returned for endorsement.

(b) Headquarters will then check that the grouping applying for recognition is a constituted body of Scouting and that the Principle and Chief Instructor are current members, the application form will be sent to the Royal Yachting Association.

(c) Arrangements will be made for the centre to be inspected by the RYA.  Such inspection will include examination of the crafts to be used and their equipment, safety/escort boats, the Chief Instructor's knowledge and experience of any other instructors and the standard of instruction demonstrated.  The Inspector will also need to know what arrangements exist for shore-based instruction.

(d) On receipt of a satisfactory inspector's report, the authority to operate as a Recognised Training Centre will be granted.

(e) As the primary recognition is that of The Scout Association all correspondence regarding recognition should be through the Scout Support Centre. The Scout Association will require annual confirmation of the continuance of the Principal and scheme, this is usually done via the RYA providing the action plan which follows the annual inspection.

(f) Should the Chief Instructor change at any stage, the Recognition will automatically terminate pending approval of a new Chief Instructor.  All such requests should be made through The Scout Association.

(g) Groups applying for Recognition should be prepared to offer training to other Scout Groups in the District and County.

(h) Headquarters pays the cost of the initial centre inspection fee.  Each centre is responsible for payment of an annual fee to cover re-inspection. This cost is invoiced directly to Headquarters and then to centres respectively. Centres are also subject to any costs associated with delivery of RYA activities.