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Volunteering at Scouts is changing to help us reach more young people

Volunteering is changing to help us reach more young people

Volunteering is changing at Scouts. Read more

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Manager of the activity permit scheme (MAPS)

The manager of the activity permit scheme (MAPS) in each county (or area or region (Scotland)) is a way of identifying who is responsible for the management of the activity permit scheme locally.

This will most often fall under the remit of the ACC - Activities, but may come under a different role depending on local structures. In the resources below you can find full details of what the MAPS covers and also support for MAPS in carrying this out.

Role description

County Commissioner

County Assessors

  • County Assessors
  • County Commissioner
  • District Commissioners
  • Adults and young people applying for activity permits
  • the UK Activities Team
  • Other MAPS
  • Assistant County Commissioners (Activities) - if different
  • identify and support potential County Assessors in taking up the role
  • carry out checks as to potential County Assessors' suitability for the role
  • induct new County Assessors into their role
  • ensure a Training Adviser is appointed for all new County Assessors and that appropriate training is in place
  • provide continued support to County Assessors within their role
  • provide opportunities for assessors to shadow and work with different assessors and to meet and discuss previous assessments
  • manage the availability of permit assessments within the County
  • work with MAPS from other Counties to co-ordinate support and opportunities
  • support those applying for activity permits in finding the opportunities required
  • support DC's with their role within the activity permit scheme
  • ensure Continued Professional Development (CPD) opportunities and CPD for all County Assessors
  • carry out reviews of County Assessors when their appointments are up for review
  • carry out an annual moderation of the County permit scheme provision by the end of each January
  • promote funding opportunities to County Assessors