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Canal and River Licences


(Published July 2018 replacing June 2009)


Most inland waters in England and Wales are privately owned and permission must be gained from the owner before carrying out any activities on these waters. There are some places where permission is not required:- the sea, most stretches of tidal water and some public and common law navigations. There are also waters which require licences in order for them to be used. This page gives details of these waters and the licensing authorities who manage them.

Identification of craft

There is no longer any formal requirement for each craft within scouting to be identified via one means, the requirement is now for boats to be uniquely identifiable to the owner/operator. For waters where a license is needed, some will require a specific form of identification and others will require the user of the craft to be identifiable as being a member of The Scout Association. In the latter case an adult with the appointment card should suffice.

Licensing Authorities