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Externally Led Activities

This guidance provides support for those using external providers to deliver activities to members of the Scouts, providing support with choosing a suitable provider, managing the activity safely and some FAQs.


Published February 2021

Choosing an external provider

Choosing a provider who meets the requirements for the activity as laid out by the Scouts is critical, you can find this information in the activities A-Z or for some activities in POR.

Managing the activity

All activities delivered by an external provider must also be run in line with Scouts POR requirements, this excludes any rules specifically relating to internal systems for managing activities such as the nights away and activity permit schemes.

For example if using an external provider for a mountain biking session, as well as checking the provider meets the requirements outlined above for accreditations / qualifications and insurance the provide must also ensure that our rules relating to cycling are followed, this includes the wearing of helmet etc.

Its not expected that the external provider reads the whole of POR but the Leader in Charge is still responsible for making sure that the activity is run safely and in line with the Scouts rules and so they should identify relevant rules and pass this information onto the provider.


External instructors, must not have unsupervised access to young people. If a Leader thinks at any time that an activity is unsafe, they have the authority to stop, modify or cancel it. It is advisable that such situations are notified to the District Commissioner.

External providers may determine the group sizes within their procedures, we would encourage a discussion prior to the activity to allow the Leader in Charge to understand this and be clear on where Scouts volunteers need to be in order to meet our supervision requirements. Ratios for activities listed in POR are relating to the delivery of the activity through the Scouts permit scheme and therefore this can be varied for external providers.


Rules relating to externally led activities

9.9 Use of external centres and instructors