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Motion picture licensing

Motion pictures and other audiovisual works including movies, TV programmes, or any entertainment video by means of DVD, Blu-ray, video cassette, downloads or similar that are available for rental or purchase are intended for personal, home use only.  

If your Group, District, or County need at licence it's the responsibility of the Group, District, or County to ensure are covered.

For Groups and Districts in The Scout Association the MPLC have a special rate:

Individual Groups: £130 per year unlimited licence 

Districts licencing all Groups: £16 per Group/per year unlimited licence.

To contact MPLC for more information visit email

Not sure if you need a licence?

If you wish to show the above in any other place, you must have a separate licence (as detailed in the Copyright Design and Patents Act 1988) that specifically authorises the public performance of that work, regardless of the setting, audience size or length of the audiovisual work.

If you wish to use such motion pictures within Scouting this will require a licence as it is outside of the personal, home use.

To negate the need to find and contact the copyright owner of each title and report the dates and times for each exhibition or to obtain a licence every time that a works is shown the Motion Picture Licensing Company (MPLC) offer a Licence.

To contact MPLC for more information visit or email

The MPLC Umbrella Licence is the comprehensive yearly blanket licence provider for over 900 studios and producers which include covering major studios such as Walt Disney, Buena Vista, Dreamworks, Touchstone, Twentieth Century Fox, Hollywood Pictures, MGM, United Artists, Miramax, Paramount, Pixar and Universal Studios. MPLC also represent independent producers including Lionsgate, Momentum Pictures, HIT Entertainment, Ealing Studios, Metrodome, Eros International and Sony Pictures Classics as well as the major TV producers, including the BBC.

If the MPLC licence does not cover the film and studio you are showing then a Public Video Screening Licence (PVSL) licence will be required. For more information please visit the filmbank media website.