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Volunteering at Scouts is changing to help us reach more young people

Volunteering is changing to help us reach more young people

Volunteering is changing at Scouts. Read more

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Scouts Sixty Days of Summer Bucket List

Summer is all about spending time with loved ones, spending time outdoors and having fun.

That's why we've put together a list of our favourite things to do. From stargazing to making wild art and climbing to yoga, there's something for everyone.

Whether you're a Squirrel, Scout, Cub, Beaver, Explorer or even an adult volunteer, get involved with our Scouts Sixty Days of Summer Bucket List.

How many can you tick off? Share with us what you're doing with #Scouts60DaysOfSummer and tag us @scouts on Facebook and Instagram. 

  1. Go star-gazing
  2. Try tie-dye
  3. Build a den
  4. Fly a kite
  5. Learn to tell leaves apart
  6. Try rollerskating
  7. Cook on a campfire or barbecue
  8. Make a bird feeder
  9. Camp indoors or in a garden
  10. Learn some tracking symbols
  11. Bake something for a friend
  12. Make your own tasty ice cream sundae
  13. Create fruity racing cars
  14. Invent your own smoothie
  15. Play some card games
  16. Create your own obstacle course
  17. Read a book
  18. Grow a plant
  19. Do some yoga
  20. Create a summer playlist
  21. Learn how to write secret messages
  22. Learn 10 words in a new language
  23. Send a postcard to a friend
  24. Create paracord or friendship bracelets
  25. Donate old toys to charity
  26. Build a lollipop stick catapult
  27. Create some wild art
  28. Build your own rocket
  29. Paint a self portrait
  30. Make an instrument
  31. Try macrophotography
  32. Give stop motion animation a go
  33. Make your own mini-bowling with tin cans or plastic bottles
  34. Create a scrapbook
  35. Go fruit picking
  36. Watch the sunrise or sunset
  37. Try a water sport
  38. Climb a tree
  39. Paint pebbles and hide them for people to find
  40. Make and eat a picnic
  41. Explore a rockpool
  42. Play frisbee
  43. Visit the zoo or a farm
  44. Learn to recognise birds
  45. Visit a climbing wall
  46. Go geocaching
  47. Play hide and seek
  48. Make armpit fudge
  49. Watch a sports game
  50. Learn to read a map and compass
  51. Visit a library or a museum
  52. Try some tennis or rounders
  53. Practice some football tricks
  54. Make your own mini golf
  55. Go bug hunting
  56. Spot a butterfly
  57. Practice magic tricks
  58. Earn a Scouts badge
  59. Make your own juggling balls
  60. Try making your own lemonade

Go stargazing

Look up and see which constellations you can spot. Why not try learning 10 constellations?

You could even make star shaped biscuits and position them look like your favourite constellations!

Eyes to the skies

Try tie dye

Get outside and get messy by learning how to tie-dye a t shirt, tote bag or even a headband.

You could discover how to make natural dyes and give it a go on a warm day. Who knows what you'll create?

Dye another day

Try rollerskating

Lace up your rollerblades. Put on your helmet, knee pads and elbow pads. You might be a bit wobbly at first, but with a little practice you’ll be gliding effortlessly before you know it!

Discover our Cubs Skater Activity Badge

Fly a kite

Try your hand at flying kites. Can you master tricks or loops with a stunt kite? Make your own kite from a plastic bag? Or, what about giving kitesurfing a go?

Stunt kiting

Learn to tell leaves apart

Explore a garden, park or local woodland like a detective and see if you can recognise trees by their leaves on an outdoor treasure hunt.

Leaf spotters

Build a den

Work with your friends to make a strong and interesting den from natural materials outdoors - or cosy up in an indoor blanket fort. What will you create?

Den building

Cook on a campfire or barbecue

Make some gorgeously gooey campfire or barbecues treats, that’ll leave you wanting ’s’more‘.

Check out our campfire recipes

Make a bird feeder

Learn about the natural world by making a bird feeder packed with delicious treats for our feathered friends. 

Feed the birds

Camp indoors or in a garden

Take part sleeping in a den or tent, indoors or in the garden. Why not watch a film, make shadow puppets, have a spa session or place some games?

Blanket fort

Learn some tracking symbols

Make a treasure hunt with a difference and create a trail for others to follow using tracking signs and symbols.

Find me, follow you

Bake something for a friend

Make a tasty snack using a simple biscuit recipe - or go all out and hold your own Bake Off! 

Let's get baking

Make your own tasty ice cream sundae

Get the inside scoop and make your own ice cream in a bag - or gather together your favourite toppings and invent your own sundae!

Ice cream in a bag

Create fruity racing cars

Gather some grapes, cocktails sticks and apples, then get creative and make a fruit racing car for the grand prix. 

Grand prix

Invent your own smoothie

Set your taste buds moving and grooving and craft delicious, healthy, summer smoothies. What will you put in yours?

Groovy smoothies

Do some yoga

Why not wake up to yoga? Put on some relaxing music and explore fun stretches to make you feel good and full of energy for the day.

Wake up to yoga

Create your own obstacle course

Create a crafty obstacle course with recyclable materials or safe household items, then enjoy racing with your friends. Who can complete it the fastest - or even backwards?

Crafty obstacle course

Read a book

Why not see how many books you can read over summer? Is there a new series you want to try? You could even design a bookmark, make a flipbook, create your own story or get your Book Reader Activity Badge.

Make your own flip books

Grow a plant

What does a plant need to grow? Get outside, get your green fingered, and plants some seeds to see them bloom. You could even make your own vegetable and fruit patch, join a community garden, or make a kitchen or balcony planter.

Grow big or grow home

Play some card games

From Happy Families, Matching Pairs to Snap and Go Fish, why not pick up or try a classic card game? Or even better, why not invent your own?  You could also try our new Scouts Dobble or Top Trumps in Scout Store. 

Look back and snap

Create a summer playlist

What are your favourite songs? Why not put them together in your ultimate summer playlist? They could be songs to get you dancing, ones you love to sing out loud, songs that remind you of your friends and loved ones, or just songs that make you happy.

Daily dance

Learn how to write secret messages

Use your detective skills and get to know lots of different ways to write or send secret messages. You could try making invisible ink using lemon juice, use a decoder wheel, or try learning morse code.

Inspector Morse code

Learn 10 words in another language

Communication can help us reach out to more people, make new friends and using a wide range of languages. See if you can master 10 words in another language - and if you're feeling confident why not work towards your Communicator badge.

Send a postcard to a friend

Awaken your inner artist by sketching, drawing or painting your own postcard, then share what you've been up to and send it to a friend. Why not take the chance to tell them how brilliant they are?

Postcard pictures

Create paracord or friendship bracelets

Learn how to make a friendship or paracord bracelet, or increase your knot-tying skills by learning a new technique. Don't forget to give it to someone - perhaps with a note to say thank you for being a great friend!

Play mini-bowling with tin cans

Make your own skittles with plastic bottles or tin cans, then work as a team to set up the ramp and release the ball. How many skittles will you knock over? 

Rolling bowling

Build a lollipop stick catapult

Put your pioneering skills to the test by creating a miniature catapult from lolly sticks. Ready, aim, fire!

Lollipop stick catapults

Make some wild art

Make a paintbrush out of grass, use leaves and glue to make a picture, or take some bark rubbings to cut out and collage. It's time to let your imagination run wild with some natural art!

Living art

Make your own rocket

Reach for the stars in this space race by making some flying reaction rockets - or you could create your own recycled rocket jet pack to become an astronaut yourself.

Take a look at our UK Space Agency activities

Create a self portrait

Create your own self-portrait using any different artistic technique - which artists or styles will you be inspired by? Why not visit an art gallery, even virtually, for some inspiration?

Frida’s four corner masterpiece

Make a homemade musical instrument

Super shaker, music maker. Make your own musical instrument and get out your dancing shoes. What's your favourite move? 

Music makers

Try macrophotography

Take an image, freeze a moment, and discover the art of macro photography. Macro photography is close-up photography of small subjects, including things such as bugs and flowers. What will you capture?

Watch the sunrise or sunset

Why not go for a walk to somewhere higher up and watch the sunrise or sunset? It's a beautiful sight to see, and a great moment for mindfulness and self-reflection.

Donate old toys to charity

Spend some time this summer de-cluttering. Why not donate old toys, books, unused toiletries, clothes or other items to a local charity?

Create a scrapbook

Create your own scrapbook to share your adventures with family and friends or loved ones. You could use lots of pictures, drawings, craft materials, stickers, magazines, leaflets or scrap paper!

My adventure scrapbook

Go fruit picking

Forage for some brilliant blackberries or fruits and create a fantastic, delicious crumble. When you’re picking berries, be certain of what you’re picking before you eat it - you could visit a local fruit farm!

Fruity crumbles

Give stop motion animation a go

Learn how cartoons can be made by creating a stop motion film. Put your imagination to the test and become the next big director!

Frame by frame

Try a watersport

From kayaking and paddle boarding to raft building and rowing, hit the water and indulge your passion for a fantastic experience. You might just want to dip your toes in the sea, river or lake!

Check out some watersports to try

Climb a tree

Find a tree that’s up to the job, then get a new perspective in the branches.

You’ll need to find a good tree with plenty of strong, well-spaced branches before you take on the challenge.

Tree climbing’s only fun when everyone stays safe. Take a look at our safety guidance.

Tree climbing

Paint pebbles for people to find

Show how a kind message can make all the difference, and paint some pebbles with positive messages or pictures to make someone smile! You could even leave them in your local area.

Kindness rocks

Make and eat a picnic

There’s no better way to celebrate summer than heading outdoors, laying out a blanket, and enjoying yummy food in the sunshine with your friends - what tasty treats will you pack?

Discover our delicious recipes

Explore a rockpool

You’re never further than 70 miles from the sea in the UK. Coastlines are teaming with wildlife, so what will you discover? Remember not to touch anything you find and to leave everything as you found it. 

Explore the shore

Play frisbee

Why not take a frisbee to the local park to practise your throwing and catching? If you want to take it a step further, why not try Ultimate Frisbee or Frisbee Golf?

Visit the zoo or a farm

Grab your wellies and head off to a farm - or instead pop on your trainers and go to the local zoo! Will you get a chance to feed the animals, learn about your favourite creature, or see where food comes from?

Animal detectives

Learn to recognise birds

Birdwatching can be a fun pastime. All you need are binoculars and a bird guide to start. You can do it from your local park, woodland, nature reserve or even from your window!

Community birdhouses

Visit a climbing wall

Climbing's a great chance to put your bravery to the test, while being active. How high will you go? Helmet, harness and ropes at the ready!


Watch a sports game

You might want to follow a sport, rather than take part, so cheer on your favourite team. You might want to watch from home or from the sidelines.

Don't forget to take a look at our Cubs and Scouts Sports Enthusiast Activity Badges, too! 

Make your own juggling balls

Invite the circus to come to you and make your own juggling balls. Then get practising, how many times can you juggle them without dropping any?

Night at the big top

Try making your own lemonade

Lemonade is the ultimate refreshing summer drink. Try a simple homemade lemonade recipe to make a jug ready for serving at barbecues, picnics and summer parties. 

Lovely lemonade scones

Learn to read a map and compass

Become a map master and learn to know where you're going - then put your skills to the test and lead your friends on a local adventure!

Map it out

Visit a library or a museum

Plan a day to a library or museum - take a look at a special exhibition, check out your favourite book series or take part in any activities they might be running! Or why not make your own mini museum or community library at home?
Make a mini museum

Try some tennis or rounders

Put your tennis skills to the test and practise your game ready for Wimbledon - or get ready to pick up the bat and score your next rounder in the park!

Check out our LTA tennis activities

Practise some football tricks

The Roll Scoop, the Switch Scoop, the Rocket Launcher, the Footstall and the Around the World - if you’re a fan of football freestyle, or want to give it a go, get practising your next trick!

Make your own mini-golf

Get fearless and create your own mini crazy golf courses at home. You’ll need a small ball or balls, something to use as a golf putter and something to make some holes. Let your imagination run wild with tubes, boxes, water obstacles, ramps and more!

Make armpit fudge

Put 50g icing sugar, 1 tablespoon butter, 2 teaspoons cream cheese, a dash of vanilla essence and 2 teaspoons cocoa in a sandwich-size plastic zipper bag. Squeeze out all the air, zip it up then squish and smoosh all the ingredients under your arm for a rather (surprisingly!) delicious treat!

Make a puppet

Choose from a spoon puppet, a sock puppet or even a shadow puppet to create the perfect puppet pal. Can you manage to make them talk without moving your lips?

Spoon puppet superheroes

Go geocaching

Discover the exciting adventure of geocaching, get outside and start having fun as you try to find the hidden treasure!

Geocache with care

Go bug hunting

What life lives behind the rocks, under plant pots and in the leaves in woods? Explore a bug hotel or an outside space to see what you can find.

Snug as a bug

Spot a butterfly

Create a butterfly house or make a beautiful, flower-shaped butterfly feeder to help our fluttery friends. Then see who pays it a visit!

Feed the butterflies

Practise magic tricks

Learn some magic tricks and wow your friends. Keep practising and maybe you can become a member of the magic circle.

Perform mini magic tricks

Earn a Scouts badge

Take a look at all our brilliant badges and spend your summer gaining a few more to proudly show off on your blanket or uniform! 

Activity Badges