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Volunteering at Scouts is changing to help us reach more young people

Volunteering is changing to help us reach more young people

Volunteering is changing at Scouts. Read more

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Scouts sixty days of summer bucket list

Try our summer bucket list, full of great ideas for having fun with friends!

We’ve put together a list of our favourite things to do for Scouts to try at home over the summer holidays. From making toilet tube speakers to trying new sports and from tie-dye to baking, there's something for everyone!

Whatever your age or section, you can get involved with our bucket list activities. With lots of suggestions, there’s lots for you to do with your family and friends over summer to tell everyone about when you’re back at Scouts. You could print off the bucket list to keep on the fridge or screenshot it and tick it off digitally. 

For volunteers, you may wish to share this page with parents and carers for them to do at home with their Scouts. You could also print out copies of the list for Scouts to do over summer at home in the holidays. 

To get the badge, you can set your own challenge. You may want to choose to just complete 20 activities, you could aim for Scouts to do them all, or you may want to give the badge to anyone who gives it a try and does one activity.

Share with us what you're doing with #Scouts60DaysOfSummer and tag us @scouts on Facebook and Instagram. How many can you tick off?

1. Have a sand castle building competition
2. Go trampolining
3. Explore a nature reserve, park or rockpool
4. Go on a photo walk
5. Play hide and seek
6. Make your own summer playlist
7. Sing karaoke at home
8. Learn a new dance
9. Make marshmallow constellations
10. Practice knot-tying with strawberry laces
11. Create your own secret code
12. Make a toilet tube speaker
13. Plant some herbs
14. Build something out of cardboard
15. Try a new sport
16. Go swimming
17. Play mini-golf, disc golf or foot-golf
18. Learn about a new country
19. Read a book you wouldn’t normally pick
20. Find a new hobby
21. Try some origami
22. Learn 10 new jokes to tell people
23. Practice juggling
24. Go for a picnic
25. Have a board game day
26. Design your own comic book
27. Learn a new card game
28. Solve some puzzles, or a whole escape room, at home!
29. Make up your own tongue twister
30. Host a movie night
31. Have a quiz night at home
32. Complete a jigsaw
33. Try some ‘minute to win it’ games
34. Make a marble maze in a box
35. Make fruit skewers
36. Freeze some ice lollies
37. Bake lemonade scones
38. Decorate a pizza
39. Make your own cake pops
40. Mix some mocktails
41. Create hot chocolate spoons
42. Sculpt with clay or salt dough
43. Write a short story
44. Create a chalk mural
45. Make pop up cards
46. Try painting by numbers
47. Make a friendship bracelet
48. Make a mosaic - from card, pasta or something else!
49. Make eco-friendly water balloons
50. Try macro photography
51. Tie-dye a t-shirt
52. Draw a caricature
53. Visit an art gallery, then recreate your favourite art
54. Have a home-spa day
55. Try forest bathing
56. Get moving with Yoga
57. Do something nice for a friend
58. Donate items to charity
59. Earn a Scouts Activity Badge
60. Go camping indoors

Get your 60 Days of Summer blanket badge!

Celebrate trying our summer bucket list and show everyone what you’ve been up to with our 60 Days of Summer blanket badge.

Buy the blanket badge >
60 days of summer activities

From going swimming to camping indoors, we've got lots of activities to get you through the summer.

Discover the activities >

Get some inspiration

Learn a new card game

Roll out a picnic blanket outside, or gather around indoors, and learn some new card games to keep you all busy. They’re great for a rainy day and we’ve put together our 10 favourite ones.

10 fast and fun card games for Scouts

Have a sandcastle building competition

Head to a sandpit or local beach and see who can build the best thing out of sand. What will you make?

Sing karaoke at home

Sing karaoke with your friends to some well-known songs and see if anyone knows all the words!

Make your own summer playlist

Put together your favourite hits in the perfect summer playlist - you could use for any trips to camp too!

Create your own secret code

There are lots of secret codes you could learn and teach your friends - or you could even come up with your own secret language. Why not try pigpen code, a secret decoder wheel, Morse code, or make your own invisible ink?

Learn a new dance

Put together a dance routine, try a dance class in a new style, or copy one of your favourite dances!

Make marshmallow constellations

Use some cocktail sticks and mini marshmallows to recreate constellations, then see if you can spot the real ones.

Make a toilet tube speaker

Blast out your summer playlist by making a cool toilet tube speaker. You’ll just need a toilet roll and 2 paper cups for this quick craft.

Build something out of cardboard

Use some spare cardboard and your imagination to upcycle it into something brilliant. You could make a football game from a shoebox, create a cardboard photo frame or build a cardboard maze.

Read a book you wouldn’t normally pick

Push yourself out of your comfort zone and try a book in a new genre, such as comic books or mystery. You could ask a friend for recommendations or listen to audiobooks, including on YouTube, to discover something new. 

Find a new hobby

Is there something you’ve always wanted to try? Spend some time over summer learning a new skill or doing something that makes you feel happy. It might be a new craft, baking and cooking, sport, musical, outdoor adventures, gardening, relaxation and mindfulness, games, books, writing, or science.

Have a board game day

Pick out you favourite board games, or create your own, then gather friends together and spend a day playing as many as you can. Why not see if you can a twist or some fun extra rules to your favourite game?

Go for a picnic

Head outside to a scenic spot or stay cosy indoors for a tasty picnic. You could make one for lunch or dinner, or you could even a breakfast and brunch picnic! 

Make up your own tongue twister

A Sea Scout went to sea, sea, sea. Can you make up your own tongue twisters, then swap them with friends to see who can say them the quickest?

Host a movie night

Whether it’s inside or outside, grab some snacks and pop on a new or your favourite film for a relaxing evening. Why not make it into a movie marathon and try to watch all the films in a series?

Make a marble maze in a box

Challenge yourself with a quick DIY using an empty cardboard box. Add a start and finish, with a line between them to try to balance a ball along. You could make it harder by adding obstacles, such as holes or barriers.

Complete a jigsaw

Have a relaxing day finding the perfect piece to the puzzle by doing a jigsaw. You could even draw and cut out your own for someone to do from an empty cereal box.

Freeze some ice lollies

Use some moulds or yogurt pots and lollipop sticks to make some frozen fruit treats. You can use flavoured squash, such as orange or blackcurrant, or you may want to use yogurt for a cool snack.

Make your own cake pops

Bake a cake, then break it up and roll it firmly into balls. When made, put the cake balls on a lollipop stick, dip them in icing and add some sprinkles, then let them set. Yummy!

Mix some mocktails

Try experimenting in the kitchen with fruit juices and lemonade to make a tasty mocktail. Why not pop it in a fancy glass and add a fun straw for the ultimate summer treat?

Create hot chocolate spoons

Add melted chocolate into a small, empty and clean yogurt pot, then pop in a lollipop stick and leave it to set to make your own hot chocolate spoons. You could also add in some tasty extras, such as mini marshmallows.

Sculpt with clay or salt dough

Make something great from clay or salt dough to help you remember the summer. You could create a storage pot for Scout badges, phone holder, a trinket dish, coaster, a vase or a photo holder. Just remember to paint it and add a safe sealant.

Write a short story

Create your own story from scratch, or why not change the ending to your favourite book and give it a fun, new twist? You could then turn it into a book and give it to a friend to read.

Create a chalk mural

Find somewhere safe that you’re allowed to get drawing on with chalk. You could create a fun mural, or you might want to create an interactive piece of art, such as hopscotch or an obstacle course for people to follow. 

Make pop-up cards

Give someone a card with a surprise by making a fun pop-up card. If you enjoy it, why not take it to the next level and make a pop-up book?

Try painting by numbers

You could try a painting by numbers set or see if you can follow a paint-along session. If you do a drawing, why not section it off into different parts to create your own painting by numbers too?

Make a friendship bracelet

Practice your knot tying, while making a gift for someone you care about. You could use embroidery thread or also make a paracord bracelet if you prefer. You could try this Rainbow paracord bracelet from Scout Store.

Make a mosaic

Try making your own mosaic. It could be from sticking paper squares or stickers onto card, glueing tiles onto plant pots, using clay or breaking up painted pasta sheets!

Make eco-friendly water balloons

Cut some strips of sponge and tie the strips together in groups with an elastic band, so it looks like a pom pom. You’ve made some great reusable water balloons to last all summer and beyond!

Try macro photography

Macro photography is all about taking photos of a something to make it look larger than it is in real life. It’s a really close-up photo of something small, such as an insect. What can you capture on camera?

Draw a caricature

A caricature is usually a fun drawing where certain things have been exaggerated or made bigger, such as ears, chins or eyebrows. See if you can draw one or try a caricature self portrait!

Earn a Scouts Activity Badge

Our badges are part of what makes us Scouts. See if you can complete one over the summer holidays.

Check out our badges

Donate items to charity

There’s lots you can do to give back to your local community this summer. You could donate clean school uniforms, give old towels to an animal rescue centre, give toys to local hospitals, donate to a foodbank, or find a good cause in your local area.