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Census Downloads

Ethnicity, Gender and Disability

Personal sensitive data should be dealt with as anonymously as possible. Sections who use Online Scout Manager can make use of the census aggregator tool to pull aggregated and anonymised data together to help them complete this process. For those that don't or chose not to use this feature, example forms have been produced which you can download below.

January 2021 Census Forms

The files below are pdf's of the forms used on the census site.

Census Jan 2021 Beaver Colony
PDF – 217.3KB
Census Jan 2021 Cub Pack
PDF – 217.0KB
Census Jan 2021 Scout Troop
PDF – 224.5KB
Census Jan 2021 Scout Group
PDF – 235.8KB
Census Jan 2021 Explorer Unit
PDF – 232.8KB
Census Jan 2021 Explorer Provision
PDF – 116.8KB
Census Jan 2021 Network Unit
PDF – 218.8KB
Census Jan 2021 Active Support Unit
PDF – 182.0KB
Census Jan 2021 District
PDF – 224.7KB
Census Jan 2021 County Area Region
PDF – 221.8KB
Census Jan 2021 Region England Wales
PDF – 181.3KB