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Scouting for all training

Module 07 - part of Training for All Appointments

Who this is for

All volunteers completing a Wood Badge.                                                                 

Learning options

Course, Small group or One to one.                                                                        

How long it takes

2-3 hours. 


How to complete it

Demonstration and conversation with a Training Adviser. 

What you'll learn

You’ll learn about inclusion, and how to make Scouts more inclusive for all. 

You’ll also learn about equality, diversity and inclusion (the legal bits), inclusive language, and where to find further information.

Additional Information

The Training For All Appointments modules are part of the Wood Badge training.  

You can complete them in any order, within the first three years of volunteering 

Scouting for All (module 07) is one of the Training For All Appointments modules. 

Validation is showing what you know and that you can use it in practice.

Talk to a Training Adviser to decide if you’ll need to do the learning for this module and what you’ll do, to validate it.  

As an example, you can talk to a Training Adviser about the Scouts Equal Opportunities Policy, and show them how you are making Scouts accessible to one or more of the following: 

  • those with additional needs 
  • girls and young women 
  • those of minority ethnic communities 
  • those of a variety of religious backgrounds  
  • those of a variety of socio-economic backgrounds  

You can do this by doing one or more of the following: 

  • a Training Adviser observes you running an activity or game to increase awareness of additional needs or equal opportunities.  
  • a Training Adviser observes you running a recruitment event that highlights that Scouts is open to all,  
  • asking someone, to write a summary or talk to your training adviser, about when they saw you make an activity more inclusive. 
  • videos or photos of you running an activity or game, an article in a magazine or on the internet showing that Scouts is open to all.
  • any other ideas are agreed with a Training Adviser. 

See the Adult Personal File (page 41) for more examples of how you can demonstrate what you’ve learnt.

You can start other Training for All Appointments modules before validating this one.

This module is for all volunteers completing a Wood Badge, and it should be completed within the first three years of volunteering.  

If you are not sure if you need to do this module, check POR Chapter 16: Roles Table.  

You can also ask your volunteer line manager or a Training Adviser, or contact the Scout Info Centre. 

Training courses are organised locally. Most Districts, Counties and Areas offer course dates on their own websites.

A Training Adviser will be able to answer any questions you have. Don’t worry if you haven’t been assigned one yet, you can speak to your volunteer line manager, local Training Manager or County Training Manager.

If you're not sure who to speak to locally, you can contact the Info Centre.