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Volunteering at Scouts is changing to help us reach more young people

Volunteering is changing to help us reach more young people

Volunteering is changing at Scouts. Read more

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UK Space Agency

Check out how the UK Space Agency supports our space-themed activity badges

Why we work together

The UK Space Agency has partnered with the Scouts to help inspire the next generation of UK scientists and engineers by supporting our space themed badges.

From Beavers through to Explorers, the practical and problem-solving skills developed through Scouts, along with the enthusiasm for science shown by Scout volunteers, could be instrumental in encouraging this future generation of space scientists and engineers.

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Badges and resources

The UK Space Agency sponsors a range of space themed activity badges at Scouts, meaning everyone between 6-18 years old can explore and learn more about the beauty of our universe and space travel!

STEM Learning

Stuck on a STEM badge or activity? Get a boost from a real-life superhero! ‍Ask a STEM Ambassador to join your session.

These free science, tech, engineering, and maths experts can help ensure your learning adventures are fun and successful.

Make Do Share

During our partnership with UK Space Agency, we created some additional resources which have featured in issues of our Partnerships Magazine, Make Do Share.

Ask an Astronaut

If you could ask an Astronaut anything, what would it be? We need some out of this world questions from all sections to put to The UK Space Agency, can you think of one? Email with your question and who knows, an astronaut may just reply.

Scouts set me on the right path at a young age because I loved the outdoors and I loved adventure. It gave me the opportunity to discover new interests, explore new boundaries and build the confidence to achieve new goals.

Tim Peake, Astronaut and Scout Ambassador

About UK Space Agency

The government created the UK Space Agency in 2010. One of the agency’s aims is to inspire our next generation of UK scientists and engineers by motivating young people to study STEM and space.

The space sector is predicted to grow rapidly over the next decade as satellite technology, space exploration and other practical benefits of space are realised and developed. This growth will create a whole range of interesting careers for young people.