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The Rail Industry

Our partnership with The Rail Industry is to ensure young people know how to stay safe when travelling on or around the railway, and can encourage their local communities to do the same.

The Rail Industry cares about keeping passengers and the general public safe when using trains, stations and level crossings, or when theyre near to tracks. We know that by helping more young people understand the dangers and educating them how use the railway safely, will help to keep future generations safe.

Our five key messages



Quick change

Zoom in on the surroundings and remember what you can see, to practice spotting changes in your surroundings.

Suitable for: 6-14 | Takes: 10 mins | Online

Quick change >
Beware the Bubble

You’ll have to adjust your focus if you want to escape the bubble and take in what’s happening around you.

Suitable for: 8-10½ | Takes: 45 mins | Indoors/Outdoors

Beware the Bubble >
As quiet as a train

Can you sneak past the conductor and collect all the carriages without being heard?

Suitable for: 6-10½ | Takes: 10 mins | Indoors/Outdoors 

As quiet as a train >
All aboard the train

How do you stay safe at a level crossing? Find out, then get on board the train game to test your knowledge.

Suitable for: 6-8 | Takes: 10 mins | Indoors/Outdoors 

All aboard the train >
See it, say it, sorted

Is there something unusual going on? Learn when to speak up and tell someone that things aren’t right.

Suitable for: 8-10½ | Takes: 30 mins | Indoors/Outdoors 

See it, say it, sorted >

For further information and support on delivering Railway Safety activities in your groups, get in touch with Network Rail at stating the location of your group.

About us

We have one of the safest railways in Europe, however serious and fatal accidents still occur.  We invest in several safety awareness programmes and campaigns, working with national and local organisations, to make the railway a safer place to be for the public.  These safety awareness activities include:

Britain’s railway is operated by several organisations with clearly defined roles and responsibilities that work closely together to deliver a safe and reliable railway for passengers, freight customers and the public. 

Passenger and freight services are provided by train companies who operate on infrastructure provided by Network Rail. These organisations collaboratively deliver the timetable and customer service. Through the Rail Delivery Group they also develop strategies and plans to improve the railway. The Rail Safety & Standards Board supports the industry to help them achieve their objectives - particularly in regard to efficiency and safety. British Transport Police support the industry by policing the journeys of more than six million passengers each day. The industry is regulated by the Department for Transport and the Office of Rail and Road.