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Pets at Home

Check out how Pets at Home supports the Beavers Animal Friends badge and the Cubs Animal Carer badge.

Why we work together

We're thrilled to be partners with Pets at Home and by sharing skills and knowledge, we've created some fantastic resources for Beavers and Cubs to learn how to care for different animal species and develop skills for life.

Free Scout workshops will be back soon!

Beaver and Cub workshops are specifically created to help your group earn either their Animal Carer or Animal Friend Activity Badge - Come along and join the fun!

Pets at Home stores are really busy at the moment so they've temporarily put visits on hold. Don't worry, it won't be for long. We'll let you know as soon as they're back up and running.

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Badge and resources

Be prepared to develop skills for life in the wonderful world of pets with the tailored activities that can be accessed below. We're certain your group with love learning more about caring for our furry friends.

Badge with a blue border and a yellow background, containing the Scouts logo, a pawprint on top of a blue heart shape, and the word Pets at the bottom to represent the supporter Pets at home.

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About Pets at Home

Pets at Home are the UK’s leading pet care business, providing pet owners with everything they need to look after their pet – from food, toys and bedding, and grooming services, right the way through to first opinion veterinary care and world class specialist veterinary hospitals. Find out more about Pets at Home.