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Pets at Home

Pets at Home are long-term partners of The Scout Association and support both the Beavers Animal Friends badge and the Cubs Animal Carer badge.

Pets at Home support both the Beavers Animal Friends badge and the Cubs Animal Carer badge.

Pets at Home helped us create resources to help young people achieve both badges.

Sharing their skills and knowledge, Pets at Home will encourage Beavers and Cubs to learn how to care for different animal species and develop skills for life.

As well as sponsoring our Beavers Animal Friends and Beavers Animal Carer activity badges, Pets at Home will provide you with 

  • A range of resources to support the badges.
  • Invitations to pet workshops in their stores across the country (these are not currently running due to the pandemic)

Badge and resources

As our partner for the Beavers Animal Friends badge, and the Cubs Animal Carer badge everyone between 6 - 11 years old can now learn more about caring for our furry friends.

Be prepared to develop skills for life in the wonderful world of pets with the activity packs below, or use our wonderful new Programme Planning Tool by clicking on the links under the badge images on this page.

Adapt these activities to try out at home

These activities were originally designed for groups meeting face-to-face, so you may have to think on your feet to make them work in the (very unique) situation we’re in. Anyone can be the person leading the game or activity, so why not let young people take charge? Instead of chatting in a real-life group, you could use the internet (safely) or talk to someone at home.

Beavers Animal Friends Activity Badge
PDF – 4.3MB
Cubs Animal Carer Activity Badge
PDF – 4.7MB

Make Do Share

Check out the latest Pets at Home feature for the Summer 2020 edition of Make Do Share (The Arts Issue)

MDS34 Animal Snaps (Pets At Home)
PDF – 624.7KB

Previous Make Do Share features

Make Do Share Make a Cat's Eye
PDF – 4.6MB
Make Do Share Make a Frog Fort
PDF – 9.2MB
Make Do Share Attract Wildlife to your HQ
PDF – 450.7KB
Make Do Share Build a Wild City
PDF – 1.4MB
Make Do Share Pet Care Fact Sheet
PDF – 5.3MB
Make Do Share Animal Case Files
PDF – 1.6MB
Make Do Share Make a Really Wild Collage
PDF – 3.4MB
Make Do Share Create a Buzz
PDF – 3.2MB
Make Do Share Go Nature Spotting
PDF – 8.9MB
MDS Make A Butterfly Feeder
PDF – 808.4KB


Pets at Home in-store workshops for Beavers and Cubs are temporarily cancelled with no further bookings available at this current time due to the pandemic.

Please check back on this page for any further updates.

About Pets at Home

Pets at Home are the UK’s leading pet care business, providing pet owners with everything they need to look after their pet – from food, toys and bedding, and grooming services, right the way through to first opinion veterinary care and world class specialist veterinary hospitals. To find out more about Pets at Home, click here.