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Magic: The Gathering

Enter a world of compelling characters, fantastic worlds and deep strategic gameplay.

Magic: The Gathering are supporting Scouts to develop skills for life through taking part in the game. Scouts can get involved through the tabletop trading card game and through activities run in your groups. 

Find out more about our partnership in the video below with Senior Game and Product Designer at Wizards of the Coast, Gavin Verhey


FREE Magic: The Gathering Welcome Decks for Scouts* (Suitable for ages 13+)

Welcome Decks are two ready-to-play 30 card decks consisting of basic lands, commons, 4 uncommons and 1 rare in each deck. 

Each deck is available in one of the five colours: White, Blue, Black, Red and Green and each of the five colours have a unique meaning and play style. Each pack consists of two different coloured decks, once you pick which colour you want to play, the second deck will be different. 

* Subject to availability


About Magic: The Gathering

Magic: The Gathering’s compelling characters, fantastic worlds, and deep strategic gameplay have entertained and delighted fans for more than 25 years. Fans can experience Magic through the tabletop trading card game, the new digital game Magic: The Gathering Arena, a New York Times bestselling novel, critically acclaimed comic book series, and professional sports league. With over 40 million fans to date, Magic is a worldwide phenomenon published in eleven languages in over 70 countries.

Mana time

Work together to collect as much Magic mana as you can in this fast paced, outdoor team game.

Ages: 10½ to 18 | Takes: 30 minutes​​​

Planeswalker post

Work together to collect mana and cast creatures in this introduction to Magic: The Gathering.

Ages: 10½ to 18 | Takes: 20 minutes​​​

Man-a hunt

Choose a tribe and work together to capture the other teams’ bases in this active, big group game.

Ages: 10½ to 18 | Takes: 30 minutes​​​

Magic: the crafting

Learn all about the colours of Magic and create your own card in this crafty introduction to Magic: The Gathering.

Ages: 10½ to 18 | Takes: 45 minutes​​​

Learn to play Magic

Become a planeswalker pro with these tips for learning to play Magic: The Gathering together. The MTG Arena app is reccommended for ages 13+ so make sure you're running this activity with older Scouts, or a group of Explorers. 

Ages: 14 to 18 | Takes: 30 minutes​​​