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Gas Distribution Network

By sponsoring the Cubs Home Safety Activity Badge, the Gas Distribution Network hopes to provide young people with the skills and knowledge they need to stay safe around the home, whilst also knowing what to do in the event of an emergency.

The Gas Distribution Network has worked with The Scouts to create some fantastic activities to help young people be more aware of gas and carbon monoxide safety around the home, while understanding what they can do in the event of an emergency. 

The UK’s four Gas Distribution Networks look after the network of pipes that deliver gas safely, reliably, and efficiently to homes and businesses across England, Scotland and Wales.

They also provide the National Gas Emergency response. Whenever a gas emergency is reported, their engineers will attend and make the situation safe.

Competition time!

We’re looking for budding young artists from across the UK to help us spread the word on the dangers of the silent killer, carbon monoxide (CO).

To enter the competition, you must be 5-11 years old and submit a piece of art warning people of the dangers of CO. Your art work can be a brilliant poster, cartoon, video or poem.

All artwork must be submitted to by 27 May to be included in this year's competition.


Each year, national and area winners will be chosen. Entrants stand a chance of winning the following prizes:

  • National winner: £300 for themselves and £600 for their school or organisation.*
  • Area winner: £150 each and £300 for their school or organisation. 

(*National prize will be in addition to the area prize).

How to submit your entry

Send your entry along with your name, age, leader, group and postcode by email to

Your entry must be in the format of a JPEG, photograph or coloured scan, or if it is a video format, as a link or attachment to an email. 

Please submit each entry individually - only one entry per student.

Find out more about each of the Gas Distribution Networks involved.

We’re thrilled to be working with the Scouts to teach more young people across the UK about the dangers of carbon monoxide. By partnering with The Scouts and sponsoring the Cubs Home Safety Activity Badge, we know these young members will be actively making sure their homes are safe from CO and any other potential dangers to gain their new badge.

Dan Edwards, SGN


Safe and sound

Make a carbon monoxide safety checklist and see how safe your meeting place is. 

Ages: 6 to 10½ | Takes: 20 minutes​​​


Get your hands dirty with an ashy masterpiece and learn about carbon monoxide along the way. 

Ages: 6 to 10½ | Takes: 20 minutes​​​

Not CO-ol

Find out what carbon monoxide is and where it comes from. 

Ages: 6 to 10½ | Takes: 10 minutes​​​

Safety superhero

Draw your costume, pick your powers and become your very own safety superhero. 

Ages: 6 to 10½ | Takes: 20 minutes​​​