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Our collaboration with Disney will teach Squirrels valuable skills in confidence, kindness and courage.

We're delighted to announce we have joined forces with Disney to create a range of fun badges for Squirrels. Together we've co-designed a programme of exciting new activities to teach our youngest Scouts core values.

For generations, Disney have used the power of storytelling to inspire a better world. Disney are helping children, teens and young adults realise their dreams by providing opportunities for them to create, innovate and cultivate their talents. Disney teaches us not to judge a book by its cover, to never be afraid of sailing beyond the reef and the best way to deal with fear is to let it go.


Badges and resources

Have a look at some of our activities below and watch this space for more information about Disney badges and further activities coming soon.

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Young Jedi activities

Join the epic adventure to learn about the world around us, develop team building skills and find the courage to try new things.

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Encanto activities

Have a go at these activities to learn more about how to look after yourself and your community with the Family Madrigal!

See the activities >
Confidence activities

Escape the reef with Moana, try out Tiana's gumbo recipe and more with these fun confidence building activities. 

See the activities >

About Disney 

As well as being a responsible business, Disney is dedicated to providing comfort and inspiration to those in need and creating inspiration and opportunity for those who want to improve their world.