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Scouts Local Knowledge Activity Badge

Scouts Local Knowledge Activity Badge

Local Knowledge badge

Get to know your local area like the back of your hand. Explore all its routes, roads and useful places.

Choose one of these three options, depending on where you live, then complete all the tasks.

  1. Rural and suburban areas
    1. Show that you know the local area surrounding your home or Scout Headquarters, up to a radius of 2 kilometres in suburban districts and 5 kilometres in rural districts.

      Locate as many as you can of these:

      • doctors, veterinary surgeons, dentists, hospitals and ambulance station
      • fire station, police station, garages, shopping centres, retail parks and convenience stores
      • main bus stops, railway stations and local routes of buses and trains
      • local Scout Headquarters, public parks, theatres, sports and leisure complexes and cinemas
      • places of worship, museums, schools, colleges and local government buildings
      • local routes that take you to the nearest motorway or national routes.
    2. Use a street map to point out six locations from step 1.

      From your home or Scout Headquarters, show the quickest route to one of the places.

  2. Urban areas
    1. Show how to use a map of your district.

      Use it to point out any six places of interest. Show how to get to these places from your Scout Headquarters or home.

    2. Gain a general knowledge of what parts of the country are served from  your local airport, mainline railway and coach stations.
    3. Find out how to reach the local airport, mainline railway and coach stations, and major tourist attractions from your Scout Headquarters or home.
    4. Give clear directions to a place of interest 8 kilometres away, to a person travelling by car or public transport.
    5. Find out which major local roads link to the motorway and A-road network and the main cities these roads serve.
  3. Heritage
    1. Study an aspect of national history, local history or family heritage.

      Exhibit or present the results to other people.

    2. Over a period agreed with your leader, get involved in a project to help preserve some aspect of national or local heritage.

February 2024.

Requirements can be adapted to suit each young persons abilities. See our guidance on flexibility.

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