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Section Leadership Teams

A Section Leadership Team comprises all Section Leaders, Assistant Section Leaders, Section Assistants and Young Leaders working with the section. Working with the Section Leadership Team, the Section Leader(s) have responsibility for the planning of the programme and the management of the section.  

Explorer Young Leaders may work with Dreys, Colonies, Packs and Troops. 

It is the responsibility of Section Leadership Teams to actively encourage the transfer between sections and maintain effective links with other local Section Leaders and Scout Network Co-ordinators. 

Where there is more than one Section Leader appointed to the section, only one of the Section Leaders may opt-in to be an ex Officio member of the Group Trustee Board. The delivery of the section programme is the responsibility of the Section Leadership Team.  

Additional persons aged over 18, including parents and subject experts from the community, may be used on a regular or occasional basis to support the programme delivery. All additional adults need to conform to Rule   

Explorer Scout Young Leaders who are part of a Section Leadership Team, remain the responsibility of the Section Leader and must adhere to Rule 4.6.2 If no member of a Section Leadership Team with a full appointment is able to attend a section meeting: 

  1. another adult member of the Scouts with appropriate youth leadership experience and holding a full appointment (including a completed Personal Enquiry process), not necessarily in the same section, may take their place at the meeting or event 
  2. the Group Scout Leader or District Explorer Scout Commissioner as appropriate must agree to the arrangement in good time (at least 24 hours wherever possible) prior to the meeting or event. 

It is expected that this situation will only occur infrequently.  If that is not the case, the Group Scout Leader or District Explorer Scout Commissioner, as appropriate, must take appropriate and prompt action to strengthen the Section Leadership Team. For all Scouting activities a risk assessment must be carried out (see Rule 9.1.1).  This risk assessment cannot override the minimum requirements required by the activity rules in POR chapter 9. Each section should have a mixed leadership team.