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Volunteering at Scouts is changing to help us reach more young people

Volunteering is changing to help us reach more young people

Volunteering is changing at Scouts. Read more

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Blog | 15 March 2024

Celebrating 51st Pellon Scouts getting the King’s Award for Voluntary Services


Scouts relies on fantastic teams of volunteers. That’s why we were so proud when 51st Pellon Scouts in Halifax recently received the King’s Award for Voluntary Services.

The image shows the Piece in Halifax in the evening. The sky is dark, the hall is in front of green hills and all the windows are lit up. There are people in the square gathered int he square below.
Iftar Under the Stars at The Piece Hall, Halifax

The honour from HM The King was in recognition of the 51st Pellon’s ‘unwavering commitment and dedication to helping others.’

The volunteer team have gone far beyond simply providing young people with friendship, adventure and skills for life (although they do that too, of course). They’ve made a vital contribution to their local community.

The award acknowledged their tireless work running events and raising funds for young people, families and elderly residents. The award recognised their role in delivering activities for young people, as part of the Calderdale Healthy Holidays Programme.

Highlights of the group’s busy calendar included the Iftar Under the Stars at the spectacular Piece Hall in Halifax, which drew 1,500 people. They also a second Iftar at the Halifax Academy, which attracted nearly as many again. Families from across the community got to try new activities and food, all while meeting new people.

The image shows four Scouts standing at the Piece in Halifax for Iftar Under the Stars. They're wearing black Scout jumpers with green and black neckers and have their faces painted as lions. They're holding their hands out as claws and are all smiling at the camera.
Scouts at Iftar Under the Stars at The Piece Hall, Halifax

A moment of immense pride

Zaheer Khalil, chair of the group, said:

‘Receiving the King's Award for Voluntary Service is a moment of immense pride and joy for our Scouts and Scout volunteers. This award is dedicated to every person and organisation that has walked with us on this incredible journey since the group was formed over 11 years ago.’

The award is the highest possible for UK voluntary groups and is on the same level as an MBE.

An outstanding achievement

UK Chief Volunteer, Carl Hankinson, congratulated the group on their honour:

‘This is an outstanding achievement,’ he said, ‘and a testament to the kindness and commitment of your whole team. As Scouts, we make a promise to help other people. You do this every week in Halifax, improving the lives of those around you and bringing the community closer together. Perhaps most importantly, you’re inspiring a new generation who want to make a difference, making their communities kinder and more welcoming places to live.’

As if the honour wasn’t impressive enough, the group also won Charity of the Year at the Calderdale Community Spirit Awards too. Well done to everyone who played their part. You’re a credit to Scouts.

The image shows the logo for The King's Award for Voluntary Service. The text 'The King's Award for Voluntary Service' appears beneath a purple crown, with the text 'The MBE for volunteer groups' appearing underneath that.
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