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Volunteering at Scouts is changing to help us reach more young people

Volunteering is changing to help us reach more young people

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Blog | 24 October 2022

Squirrel stories: Saving lives


To celebrate a year of Squirrels in the UK, we're sharing a few inspirational stories this week. One Squirrel, Marshall, used the skills he learned at Scouts to save his mum's life.

Marshall attends a Squirrel Drey in Leeds Templar. Even though he’s not been there long, he’s already achieved a few badges, including the Local Superhero Activity Badge and the All About Me Challenge Award.

To earn these badges, Squirrels learn basic information about getting help in an emergency, such as how to call 999. Thanks to his new skills, Marshall was able to help his mum when she had a serious accident at home.

Jacqui sits next her son, Marshall, on a red sofa. Marshall's wearing his red Squirrels jumper and a necker, holding a phone to his ear. Both are smiling at the camera.
Marshall and his mum, Jacqui

Marshall and his mum, Jacqui, were heading out to a friend’s birthday party. On her way downstairs, Jacqui tripped and fell face first, knocking herself out.

When Jacqui came around, she heard Marshall saying, ‘Mummy, are you alive?’ and repeating ‘Mummy needs help.’ Jacqui couldn’t move, so Marshall ran to get her phone, using his own instincts.

He even worked out how to unlock the phone himself, as Jacqui’s injuries stopped her Face ID from working.

As soon as he’d unlocked the phone, Marshall rang his grandparents who lived nearby. Marshall told them that his mummy was hurt and needed help.

Squirrel Marshall collects his Unsung Heroes award from Chief Scout Bear Grylls. Marshall is wearing his uniform and a necker, holding his certificate, stood next to Bear who's crouching next to him and smiling at the camera.
For his brave efforts, Marshall was chosen as one of Chief Scout Bear Grylls’ Unsung Heroes 2022

When his grandparents arrived, the keys were in the lock, so they couldn’t get in. Marshall managed to pull the keys out of the door, post them through the letterbox, then explain to his grandparents what happened.

He remained incredibly calm the whole way through. What a hero!

Jacqui said Squirrels had a big influence on Marshall’s reaction. She’d never thought about teaching him what to do in an emergency, because she never expected she’d need to.

Marshall's brave actions in this emergency were all down to what he learned at Squirrels.

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