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Blogs | 28th June 2022

Come and join our Community of Practice

Get involved with our Community of Practice to help Scouts represent more communities.

Blogs | 21st June 2022

Five tips for an eco-friendly, fun picnic

This National Picnic Week, we're sharing tips for making your picnics eco-friendly this summer.

Blogs | 15th June 2022

Ask Simone: Why is volunteering with Scouts #GoodForYou?

Simone Roberts explains why volunteering with Scouts is #GoodForYou.

Blogs | 14th June 2022

2022 celestial events to watch out for

Get your telescope at the ready – check out the upcoming celestial events to look forward to.

Blogs | 1st June 2022

Volunteer Week 2022: The Ralph family's amazing achievements

Finding a balance between volunteering, parenting and work is a familiar scenario for many of our brilliant volunteers in Scouts. But what makes the Ralph family stand out is they’ve all achieved amazing awards and accolades.

Blogs | 1st June 2022

Welcoming refugees and displaced children

Read our advice on how you can help welcome refugees and displaced children into Scouts.