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Volunteering at Scouts is changing to help us reach more young people

Volunteering is changing to help us reach more young people

Volunteering is changing at Scouts. Read more

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Blog | 14 May 2021

UK Scout Network website

Charlotte – Content Manager

In 2015 Scouts launched a web platform to support Network Scouts (18 – 25 year old youth members). In recent months we have been through a consultative process as part of our Digital Transformation strategy which is set out to improve and simplify our digital offering for our users.

In recent times the resources, information and functionality of the site have not been updated nor used by a significant amount of Network members. This is not a reflection of the innovative contribution many of you gave to the initial development of this site, and we would like to thank all for your contribution and efforts, the traction of numbers to the site is not a reflection on the effort of our dedicated volunteers.

We’re aware that developments in infrastructure and technology are required to propel this site further, however:

  • there has only been 17 projects created since the beginning of 2019 (with 0 created in 2020)
  • since the launch in 2015, the platform has only had 4267 log ins.
  • The costs of UK Scout Network website is the same as our main website, which comparatively receives in excess of over 1,000,000 website visits a month.

At the beginning of April a survey was sent to current users and non-users of the UK Scout Network website, which asked about usability, experience and value. We didn’t find any great support for keeping the site, however:

  • Some highlighted they found the FAQs useful. Therefore, these are now hosted in This includes being part of a District Scout Networks, the role of a DSNC, the role of a programme coordinator and DSNC essentials.
  • Some used virtual badges. So we’ll provide these digitally for download on the Scout brand centre in due course.
  • Some appreciated a place to invite other Network members to national or local events. So we’ll enable Network Commissioners to submit a request for an event open regionally or nationally to be hosted on our main website,

Because of the lack of use outlined above, and being able to find ways to maintain the features that members did appreciate, we believe the site is not the best use of members' money and so recommend decommissioning the UK Scout Network website in June 2021. However if there is a consideration we have missed, please get in touch by Friday 28 May, titling the email 'UK Scout Network website'.

You’ll be aware that our strategic plan, Skills for Life, is committed to reviewing the 14-25 programme. How the programme is supported digitally will be one of the things we will consult on once that project is up and running.

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