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Update | 15 March 2021

The volunteer experience we want to create


We know there’s room to improve the volunteer experience at Scouts.

We want to make sure:

  • Every volunteer is welcomed 
  • Every volunteer is supported 
  • Every volunteer is valued 
  • Every volunteer gains skills (and has fun!) 
  • Every volunteer matters. 

And volunteering should look like this:

People programme vision for volunteering

This is how we’ll make it happen 

People programme deliverables
  • We’re changing the principles of volunteer roles at Scouts, making them more task and team focused with clearer links to supporting the delivery of programme
  • We’re working to improve our local processes to transform recruitment and joining in the long term – creating a more inclusive and accessible experience
  • We’re looking into how we make the day to day management of Scouts easier and more efficient, with a new digital learning system and new tools for adult membership management.
  • And even more! 

When can members expect change?

  • Things won’t change instantly, there’ll be a gradual roll out of new things over the next three years – we’ll share the roadmap when it’s ready
  • We know there’s a lot going on, so we’ll roll out changes in a manageable way
  • We’ll consult with volunteers and make sure any changes are positive

For more details about the changes to improve the volunteering experience at Scouts, you can read more on the strategy page


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