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News | 22 February 2021

Join us this week and say #ThankTwo


Every year on February 22, we take some time to thank the volunteers who make Scouts possible. This February 22 – after what’s frankly been a bit of a rubbish year – we want to double the amount of gratitude we show.

We’re asking volunteers, young people and parents/careers to join us by celebrating #ThankTwo. It’s easy to get involved – all we ask is that you show your gratitude and thank two people and/or groups of people. These people can be fellow members who’ve kept Scouting despite the setbacks, volunteers who’ve organised Scouts meetings, and/or local heroes in your community. 

To celebrate, we’re calling on everyone to take part locally in a couple of ways. We’ve also organised a few surprises to say thank you to volunteers ourselves.

Saying #ThankTwo in your window

The best way to say thank you is to show someone you care, and you could do this by giving your chosen thankees a prime spot on your windows. We’ve created three templates (download below) that you can decorate with your young people. Once decorated, we want you to show off your designs and showcase the two people you want to thank by displaying the signs in your window. That way, everyone who walks past will see how fabulous your thankees are!

Be as creative as you like – you don’t need to use the templates if you don’t want to, and you can draw, paint, write or use collage to make your sign – but most importantly, we want to see what you come up with. Take a picture of the display in your window and share your thanks using the hashtag #ThankTwo.

Download Thank you template 1

Download Thank you template 2

Download Thank you template 3


Shout about them on social media

If making a sign isn’t your cup of tea, a simple way to thank someone for their contribution could be shouting about them on your social media channels. You might have your own images to use, but if not, we’ve created an image which you can download to share on your Facebook and Twitter channels. Remember to tag them and use the hashtag #ThankTwo, because we want to read the great stories too.

You could even thank people in the meetings you attend by downloading one of our Zoom backgrounds.

Zoom background 1

Zoom background 2


Surprises for our own amazing volunteers

Our volunteers have kept going against all odds and without them, Scouts wouldn’t be possible. They’ve adapted to offer new opportunities to young people and support them at a time when it’s the mattered most.

We think they’ve all been pretty spectacular and that they deserve some recognition. Our UK Chief Commissioner Tim Kidd has recorded a special video to say thank you for all they’ve done.


Last week’s five Groups had the surprise of their lives when one of our Ambassadors dropped into a few virtual meetings. Tim Peake, Ellie Simmonds, Ed Stafford, Megan Hine and Saray Khumalo dropped in to say thank you to the volunteers who’ve made those meetings possible, and to answer questions from the young people. You can see some of their reactions in our highlights video.

And finally: thank you!

Whatever you’ve done this year – no matter how large or small, if you’re a member or non-member – please accept a well-deserved (but socially-distanced) pat on the back.

The last year’s been tough and thrown up many challenges, but you’re doing a great job to overcome them all. Quite simply, you’re amazing!

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