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Update | 06 November 2020

WATCH - All Member online meeting - November 2020


Members of Team UK, the Board and the Senior Leadership team discuss the affects of the pandemic which have left us in a challenging financial situation.

Like many organisations, we’ve been impacted by COVID-19, leaving our finances in very difficult position. Our number one priority is to support Groups to do what they do best – providing opportunities and skills for life to our young people.

During the meeting, we gave updates to members explaining our plan of action for making sure we’re in the best possible position to support those Groups most in need, and explained how we'll support the movement to grow in the future.

You read more about these actions in our news story

Want to see the rest of our videos and webinars?

We've held a fair few webinars and recorded lots of videos over the last few months to support each other in rapidly changing circumstances. Head over to our Vimeo showcase where you'll find them all in once place.

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